Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Little Project.

Before Christmas, Brenna and I went down to San Diego and moved Lauren out of her dorm room. Usually this isn't done, the students come back after break. But not my child. Nope. She's going to spend the spring semester studying in Florence, Italy.
Nice generation to be in, huh?
So, we packed up all her worldly goods and eventually dispersed it into the garage and storage space under the stairs.
Except for this:

This was not taken from my daughter's room. 
I found it on one of my trips to the dumpster in the dorm parking lot.
Well, I found it IN the dumpster.
I did a little diving.
I knew my daughter would be horrified, but she would get over it.
So, I snagged it out of the dumpster and put it in my car.
I had JUST been thinking that I would like to make myself an Inspiration Board, Idea Board, you name it. I knew just the place this would go. I had spray paint waiting for it at home. How could I say no to it?

I was impressed it didn't get tossed to the side, in the pile of "projects to do".  Instead, the day we were putting Christmas decorations away and cleaning and sorting, I went to work on it.

I sprayed some paint on it. And while it dried, I would put decorations away. Then I would come back and spray some more.

Then I took some paper and had it color copied at Staples and stapled it to the cork board.

I needed a way to hide the lines of the paper, so I added brown satin ribbon. I have had these do-bobbies for years and never done anything with them, but they came in handy for this project.

I added this gal in the middle. I love this paper pack-DCWV, vintage collage.

It gave the ribbon some stability as well since I stapled through it.
It's not the strongest bulletin board in the world, but it will do just fine.
I feel very green in the environmental sense.

I even hung it straight-now that's a first!

Now, it's back to soldering. I am having so much fun with all of the words! I can't wait to show you. I've even sold one! (Yes, I decided they are/can be for sale. Contact me if you have any questions.) It was for a friend whose word is "INVEST". As in investing in other's lives and in things that matter and that will make a difference. So cool.

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  1. This turned out so great, Lynn! A great re-use project! What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter!

  2. Did you wear your helmet when you went diving????

  3. Gosh, Lynn. That is the cutesy inspiration board. I am so proud of your soldering, though. You have worked and worked and taunt yourself what others have struggled with fir years...good job!
    I need to write you a note and tell you how I am doing! first I have to figure it out...

  4. Those are the best kind of project. The ones you don't have to pay for.. More than half of my craft room furniture I got from the curb..

    Hope you have a fabulous day.. I have to go get ready to go to work.. Hugs, Linda

  5. Lynn,
    This turned out wonderful!!! I've been wanting to create a cork board for my brothers wall next to his bed where I can put up pictures of when we were little & Kai's art work. I think this is a beautiful way to make something lovely, but without spending alot of money.
    Thanks friend for this creative & perfect idea. And I've always loved to dumpster dive, one mans treasure is another mans trash,right!
    Hugs & Miss you,

  6. I'm taking my hat off to you my friend. You are so talented!

  7. I love your inspiration board, especially the little buckles and brown ribbon. The whole thing really reflects your personality.

    Congratulations to Lauren. What a wonderful experience for her! Do you think we could stow away in her luggage?


  8. Hey Lynn,

    I was just reading back through your comments on your previous posts...I know I'm nosey, but I kind of like Romeo's idea of charms for pets too. Let's see...
    for my pets..."Fly" (that's Holly-Berry)..."Whisper" (that's Maddy) and "Handsome"(that's Boy-Dog.) We won't even get into the cats!


  9. I really love your inspiration board, Lynn! The colors of the paper are gorgeous (I think I have scrapbook paper just like that), and it was such a great idea to use the ribbon. Love the graphic, just an awesome project:)

  10. How wonderful that your daughter gets to study in Florence. She will love it there. I have cousins going to school there as well. They are Italian though. I wonder if it's as exciting for an Italian to study there as it is for an American?

    Love your inspiration board. What a great idea to hide the lines of the paper. I love your workspace. I need to work on for putting one together!