Sunday, February 20, 2011

repurposing, part 2...

What a week. 
I love my Mucinex-D, but when I don't take it, I am almost incapacitated with sinus headaches. Therefore, the lack of posts.
Here is the beginning of the re-do.
I still have more to do, but how I do love what we have gotten done so far...

from this:

to this:

I must say, I am fond of the little painting/transfer I did. I did this in order to practice for the big one over the couch.

I like it so much, I think I'll make it into a series with some different birds and words.

And SOME day, re-open my Etsy.....
This is the big canvas over the couch I have started. I like having it hanging and I walk past it several times during the day and can begin to form a picture in my mind of how I would like it to look. It has changed several times!

Plus, the sconces I re-painted and roughed up.

I love the aqua pillows...I am (really) going to try making a couple of big pillows (really) out of muslin and burlap to lighten up the room. (really)

But in the mean time, it was easier to find the aqua pillows. I went back for more of these pillows:

They were GONE the next day!!
I like the aqua ones, as they draw the color of this into the room:

It is an old, chippy wooden box I bought from Susie when she had her shop in Crestline.

She snuggled it right into the baker's rack and sent me on a hunt for my "prettiest" magazines.
Here is the rack all put together.

An amazing transformation...

of treasured items grouped together in pleasing ways

old and new..

This dish was my mom's. No, the picture isn't of her..

My dad's school books with a box I made.

The china hutch got a good cleaning out as well and all the pretty glass ended up inside with my Great-Grandmother's china.

Little bitty surprises here and there..

a sachet,

some sea shells,

little bits of unexpected pleasure.

I'll leave you with this and continue on through the week!
Have a wonderful day~

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  1. Lynn, I love the redo on the little bench. The art piece with the bird is really pretty. Did I miss the post on how you did that? I keep saying I'm going to make some pillows too but I haven't I like the ones you found. Where did you find them?

  2. Lynn,
    That is really, really beautiful. I just want to get in there and poke around. I love the bird and fly...wonderful effect! So many little treats there. Makes me want to go redo my downstairs!
    Sorry you are having the headaches without the Mucinex-D. Is the D for dextromathorphine? That stuff makes me nuts!!
    Love you, sweetie!

  3. So many lovely goodies...I LOVE the "FLY" transfer piece! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the large artwork piece you are doing!

  4. Love all that you did, I will have to come look at it.

  5. Well that was fun taking a peek inside at all your lovely thing.. You have a beautiful home. And I just love the bench.. Hope you are haveing a wonderful day!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. I love EVERYTHING!! I need you to come to my house and help me with my baker's rack. That's something that I've been dinking with for over a week now. It just looks so... predictable.

    You have an artist's eye. I shall not covet...I shall not covet... I...

  7. Hi friend,

    I love having a peek inside your home. I am with everyone else...your bird artwork is wonderful! You know I love swallows. I'd be interested in knowing how you applied the transfer. Did you use gel medium? Your backgrounds are fabulous too; I just LOVE the colors.


  8. It is all looking so beautiful Lynn! I love the way you have grouped things together and my favorite part of all was that chippy aqua box holding your magazines! Vanessa

  9. Thank you so much for the "open house" tour! What a transformation with the bench! And I love your beautiful treasures so lovingly displayed! Gorgeous! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  10. lynn, i love the bird!!!! it's perfect! i'm surrounded by everything salmon, crab, eagle or mermaid. a nice little birdie is refreshing!!
    you're getting a lot done in spite of the sinus issue - way to power through! hope it goes away soon.

  11. Very warmly arranged! Hey! We're all looking forward to meeting your girl! She sounds like a sweetheart! Maybe we'll keep her!!!! But for sure we'll spoil her!

  12. Oh, you have been busy, my friend!

    The blue box and that cute, cute pincushion really caught my eye.

    And I am anxious to see the rest of "The Birds"............

    Your big canvas is looking swell, too---love the colors!

    You better get well soon. I can't tend all these sheep by myself you know.

  13. I love the painted bench, yummmmmy!!!
    But the bird picture...to die for! I ADORE it! Then picture over your couch is going to be amazing, I can't wait to see it all again, the next time I come over!
    Hugs friend,

  14. Love the new look of the bench. I have so many things to paint. Please come do some of my furniture. I love the watering can indoors. I am a big fan of them. Have one in my kitchen.

  15. Hi Lynn-

    You have so many nice things - I love finding new ways to re-arrange and re-use them. Your photos are beautiful.

    My best- Diane