Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One World, One Heart

"Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

O.K.! A little late, but I'm in!!!
If you have found me at the end of the 1,000 people that entered the ONE WORLD ONE HEART postings, 
I'm honored that you have persisted this far.
This is the first time I've participated in this wonderful adventure and, like many, sad it will be the last one. To read more about One World One Heart, please visit Lisa's blog here.
To view a list of participants, click here.

My name is Lynn and I live in Southern California, in what we like to refer to as the I.E. (Inland Empire), as compared to the O.C. (Orange County.)
Do not get these two mixed up. The O.C. gets a little ruffled if you do, and I can't say that I blame them.
I have a wonderful husband and a marriage built on faith over the last 25 years, and two of the best daughters anyone could ask for.

Add to the mix one slightly neurotic dog, and you have a whole lot of fun!

We love to be with friends and I will never pass up an opportunity for Starbucks.
Or the beach.
Never, never will I pass up an opportunity for the beach.

I have always had an artistic bent and have spent most of my life trying to see where it fits into my days. The last several years I have been diligently (intentionally) finding time to put art into my days and have fallen in love with:


altering mah jong tiles,


I love photography and someday will take a class to learn more about my camera!

The best.

And this year, learning to solder.

"Learning to"...two of the best words in the English language and two words that get me into more fun and trouble!

Two of my favorite posts are


Which I hope you enjoy.

Now for the most fun part- (besides meeting people all over the world)...
the give away!
Open to all active bloggers..... 

Please leave a comment on this post and a way to contact you, should you win.
I will pick a name by FEBRUARY 17 to win.....

This sweet soldered necklace!
(I confess, I almost offered up the neurotic dog as well, but I think shipping would be a bit of a problem.)

A sweet stamp of a bird and the littlest bit of an old hymnal, with just a bit of bling at the end soldered and put onto 16" drop necklace of ball chain.

Best of luck to all who enter and I look forward to meeting all of you!



  1. G'Day from Brisbane! Poppin' in for OWOH event. Pleased to meet you!

    Lovely little necklace!

    homemakerhoney@ gmail .com

    My OWOH giveaway:

  2. Love your little gift, I'd call it "Consider the Sparrows" and be very glad to win and wear it.
    I'll take the dog too, if you are willing to trade for an incontinent cat on thyroid meds.
    Let me know. Believe me, shipping will not be a problem.

  3. You have so many diverse interests! I would love to learn to solder. It's nice visiting your blog today.

    Check out my blog to see the beadwoven necklace I am offering.

    Jeanie Callaghan

  4. What a sweet little bird! Your soldering skills are coming along very nicely. Please enter me in your giveaway and thanks for playing OWOH.

    My OWOH

  5. Oh my gosh, Lynn, I love your soldering! I have always wanted to learn to do that! Is it hard to do? Great photos of you and your wonderful family!! And your pup is just too cute:)

  6. Hi Lynn!

    Soooo funny- I posted a blog a while back all about my first try at soldering. I had a pro helping me for my introduction, and decided to ask Santa to bring me all the goodies I need to continue on with this latest crafting adventure.

    Santa forgot. Now it's up to Cupid to deliver! *wink*

    If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll drop by both of my giveaways (at Twigs and Tulle and Kindergarten’s 3 R’s: I’m giving away a mini bunting and some pattern blocks) during this awesome blogging event! Happy OWOH!



  7. I love the way you presented this post, and I did do a double take when you said...learn about your camera! Really?
    Please include me in your giveaway, I'd love to win,




  8. Greetings from Virginia, US. Thanks for your giveaway. I would love to win your lovely prize. Please visit me and enter my giveaway at www.knitterofhatsspeaks.blogspot.com OWOH participant #523
    avennett AT verizon DOT net

  9. I enjoyed your favorite posts very much. I like the way you think. I will visit again, I'm sure. And I hope you will be able to drop by my blog, too, for my giveaway!

  10. I love your necklaces.. please enter me in the drawing. Thank you..

  11. I bought supplies to try soldering, one attempt, ya, it's going to take alot of attempts to get any good. So in the mean time, I NEED this necklace!

    You'd miss that neurotic dog if you gave her away. I know I'd miss mine, well, maybe after a week!

    Thanks for the chance at the give away.

  12. love your necklaces- great job! Thanks for the chance to win


  13. thanks for a chance to win! soldering is something I am interesting in learning this year! how hard is it!!? anyway you are doing great!!! stop by my blog if you have a chance #437!!!


  14. Hi - I am glad you made it in to OWOH. I love your necklace - beautiful work. Stop by to see me too.

  15. Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well.
    http://gaylepage-robak.blogspot.com or #230 on the OWOH list.

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw.

    Hugs, Gayle
    e-mail: gaylepage-robak@westman.wave.ca
    my blog: http://gaylepage-robak.blogspot.com

  16. What beautiful work you do. I would love to win one of your pieces.

  17. Looks like you are getting the hand of Soldering. Would love to be the wearing the giveaway piece! So glad our paths have crossed Because of the OWOH event!

  18. please count me! This is my first year and its fabulous! All these amazing blogs and all these fabulously creative people! I hope you'll stop by my blog (#561).


  19. Greetings from Louisville, KY - USA
    Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
    Winning your give away would be awesome!
    Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.


  20. Thank you for being apart of the OWOH journey across the world! I have found so many lovely blogs and yours is one of them!!

    I'm from Nampa, Idaho (USA) and you can come take a peek at my BLOG anytime.


  21. Hello from Ky! Please put me in the pot for your OWOH door prize! Thank You,Tee creationsbytee@gmail.com

  22. Hi! You make me smile with your writing and your life! I love the beach too! I love "learning" ... I love your pendant!

    Glad to meet you here at OWOH
    thecreatorspalette at gmail dot com
    #14 "Melanie's Journey" http://thecreatorspalette.com

  23. Hello there~ And can I say.. I love your work and your blog.. my cohort Cricket needs to stop inn here..she's at (gypseanurse.blogspot.com)
    Beach bug she is!
    So please count me in!!
    Cat @ tatteredrebel

  24. Oh, Lynn.

    I love how the pendant says "rusted in God".

    That is just perfect for me!!!

    You are really getting good at this soldering thing.

    So....PICK ME.

    It's about time I win one of your giveaways, don't you think???????

  25. what a very sweet necklace! I'm so glad I stopped by - you know, I start every evening at the bottom and work my way up, but I still don't think I've been to half the blogs!
    Happy OWOH, one beach lover to another :)

  26. Love your work - please include me in your giveaway and do come and visit my blog and enter mine too - I am #139 - Cheers Britt in Australia :-)

  27. Hello from Alberta, Canada.
    I hope you'll visit my blog too (Art of Humungous Proportions) when you get a chance.
    Cheers ~
    OWOH #602

  28. Hi Lynn!

    I am Karen from San Diego. Not too far away from you. I mostly blog about my three little boys and photography is my main artistic outlet. I have to say it looks like you know a pretty good amount about your camera already!

    I LOVE your mahjong tiles, and the little birdy necklace is lovely! I have lately had a crush on all things "little bird"! lol

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  29. Hi Lybb
    Doreen from Canberra Australia here and I am dropping by to enter your giveaway.
    If you have time come and visit my blog as well.
    Regards Doreen.

  30. I haven't managed make it past the frist 100 posts myself, but I am responding first to those who leave a comment on my blog. it seems the easiest. If I don't win the necklace, just send me the dog. My cats something new to keep them occupied.

  31. Beautiful blog, and I would love to see more, so following! I love your pomegranate photo! That would make a beautiful card for the Jewish new year, where in the pomegranate is a symbol. Love your necklaces also, and would love to enter your draw. I would opt for the dog also, but my tiny house is already overloaded with one dog and 12 cats :) So nice to meet you! I am also participating in this OWOH :)
    Shalom from Israel, Elsina

  32. Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  33. Your blog is beautiful, and I love the humour in it - and I also like your artwork very much! Please enter my name in your drawing and hop over to my blog for a visit if you haven´t already.

  34. Hello,
    I'm travelling around the world thanks to OWOH. !!!
    Nice to meet you and your blog , your prize is just stunning !!! I would looooove to win.
    Keep my fingers crossed
    Lots of greetings from Belgium,



  35. So pleased to make your acquaintance. Beautiful giveaway. Do drop by when you have a moment. #645

  36. Love your work. Photos are gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying the ride. Please call on me at #100 if you have the chance.

  37. hi lynn, nice to meet you, and to know some more about you, my name is Janine from Germany (632) I love your pendants, they are so delicat, best wishes from janine.

  38. Hi Lynn,

    It's a pleasure to meet you and your family -- and, of course, your neurotic dog. On the long run, you will be happy that you didn't give him away after all. ;)

    Thanks for offering the pretty necklace as door prize.

    Happy creating,
    # 66

  39. It's so much fun to visit all different blogs and get to 'know' people from all over the world! So glad you played along with OWOH too - and make me discover your blog! Your necklace is really gorgeous! I'd love to see my name pull out of your magic hat! Love from the Netherlands, Marit (OWOH#501)

    marit [at] maritspaperworld [dot] com

  40. Wow, these are beautiful, I would love to be in with achance to win these, I'm so glad I found your blog. Visit me to see my door prizes!

  41. Hello Lynn.....from another California girl...up in Ventura Cty...The VC & not OC or the IE:>) It's a pleasure to meet you & your beautiful blog. Please count me in your drawing & drop by my blog if you have a moment to join in mine.
    Hugs, Diane

  42. Oh I'm so excited to have found One World One Heart. What a great idea! I'm having a grand time visiting blogs such as yours and hopefully it will help my blog to grow in the process! I'd love to be included in your drawing. Sarah

  43. Hallo , nice to meet you.
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
    This is beautiful.
    Please count me in.
    Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
    Regards from Germany and happy OWOH

  44. Hi Lynn,
    I loved your favorite posts... I laughed out loud at your wet suit story then your jack-in-the box story brought tears to my eyes. As someone whose studio is filled with (totally not age appropriate) toys I really appreciated that story. I will definitely be back to read more (and see more of your beautiful creations, of course). Thank you for this wonderful glimpse into your life.


  45. The little chickadee is so cute! Shooting stars to you from COLD Wisconsin! Visit me at #517!

  46. I love the necklace! Visit my OWOH, necklaces, at http://gemtrails.blogspot.com/2011/01/one-world-one-heart-giveaway.html

  47. I love your artistic talent and creativity. Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. I've enjoyed it so much over the years seeing all of the wonderful blogs and meeting everyone. Thanks for your participation in the event.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

  48. I would love to have chance to win.

    You have so much energy ~ I just loved reading this blog post ~ I'll be back!
    Pattee : )

  49. Wow!

    Fun post! Fantastic giveaways which I would LOVE to win ..... fingers crossed!

    Come visit me if you have a chance...#630 on the list!


  50. Hi from snowy Wisconsin! I surely would like some of your California sunshine right now! I really love your sense of design and will be hopping over to read your favorite posts. Thanks for the opportuntiy to win your beautiful pieces.

  51. What a lovely sweet necklace!

    And your family is such a happy looking one, neurotic dog included lol.

    Thanks for entering me to win your necklace!

    Happy OWOH!

    Jennifer Hall
    My Email: Miss.Jennifer.Hall@gmail.com
    My Blog: http://slyfoxcrafts.wordpress.com/

  52. Hello Lynn, Wow... you're so creative! Your necklaces are so beautiful and unique! Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with your lovely giveaway...I can only dream it's me! :) And the dog is also welcome! :)

    OWOH is a great trip around the (blog)world, thanks!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium,

    nr 214 on the list

  53. Hi Nice To meet you ! Love your blog ! I am also participating in owoh too!! hopefully you can visit my blog if you get the chance .My giveaway is a ooak polymer bunting baby.
    Hugs Belinda

  54. Lynn I just lover your family and dog and you are right, probably would be a little complicated to post him to mail. But your blog has me singing the Blue Skies song now! With all the snow too! Anyways, your jewelry and those dominoes are beautiful so I am crossing my fingers I will .

    I hope you will stop over, I do stamping and am giving away some handmade cards@!

    Thank you for offering this item up!
    Heidi #259


  55. wonderful giveaway .
    robin krieger

  56. Sweet giveaway! Love the little bird! Thanks for the chance!

  57. You are adorable! And I love your beautiful necklace (and those dominos)! I am your newest follower and a Starbucks fan as well, xo Kristin (#73)

  58. Yea! So glad to be here. You have an awesome blog! Come check mine out sometime. Thanks for entering me!

  59. Hi Lynn, so pleased to visit you and your blog is lovely. I am a German Mixed Media Artist. I hope you will visit my blog as well. Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw.
    Hugs from Stuttgart/Germany
    MARTINA ♥♥♥

  60. I love these type of casual pretty necklaces.Count me in on the lovely giveaway.If I should be the lucky winner just email me through my blog.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  61. One World One Heart

    Wonderful to visit your blog and meet you. Put my name in your draw, then take a minute to visit my blog, and I will add your name to win one of three prizes.



  62. I hear ya about the 'learning to' part of soldering. It is harder than it looks! But you have mastered the art! Count me in the giveaway please!

    I'm #543 - come see me!


  63. Hi Lynn. Thank you for welcoming me to your Blog. Your jewelry items are lovely. Truly an inspiration! Please feel free to visit me and enter my giveaway. Just click on my blog link, or I'm #625.

    Happy WOH!

  64. Ohhh, Lynn, I LOVE your giveaway! So perfect for OWOH (besides I have my OWN neurotic pooch)!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  65. I came to your blog because a comment you left on someone else blog was posted above mine and it was so funny that I wanted to know more about you...well now I do...your two favorite stories are very clever and witty..you're a hoot! In the meantime your work is sublime as well...I REALLY love the altered domino/mah jong tiles...great work! And I myself would love to learn the solder thing as well...add that to the list of endless techniques I'd like to accomplish...in the meantime I believe I will enter my name as a follower, just so I can read what you have to say next...thx for playing so well with others, june # 75

  66. Greetings from California. I'm #96 on the list and would love to be entered. Nice to read your post, looks like you have a very full life. Hope you are enjoying the OWOH event and it's nice to meet you. Please stop by my blog for a chance to win too.

  67. Beautiful necklaces! Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Nice to meet you, you're very talented!

    Come on by my blog & enter my OWOH giveaway also, I'm #590.

    Enjoy your journey,

    Hoerauf at comcast dot net

  69. Boy did that wee bird grab my attention. What a sweet giveaway. Have a peek at my gift giveaway and you'll see why! *smiles*
    I'd love to have a chance to win a piece of your beautiful work. Please enter my name into your draw, and thanks.! Norma (95)

  70. Hello! I know exactly where the Inland Empire is! I used to live in Twin Peaks, right up the hill from there in the San Bernardino mountains near Lake Arrowhead. I looked out over San Berdo every day coming out of school as the bus took us out on Rim of the World Highway. I went to my first two years of college in Riverside (California Baptist College...now University but it was just college back then).

    Before then I lived on a boat in Long Beach... (my parents met scuba diving...and yeah, those wet suits are crazy hard to put on)...and now I'm in Texas (that's a long story).

    Nice to meet you! Love your blog...it's so pretty!


    506, 508 and one not posted yet at suchfuntogive.blogspot.com (listed on sidebar).

  71. Hello from further south on the 55 freeway

    great necklaces.

    ♥ chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com

  72. nice tweet from God...
    I enjoyed my inspiration from your blog and the family love that you show. Our family is split and between my Mother and I we are working to get the family togather in love and sharing as we did so long ago...Tootsie from Oregon

  73. lovely pendant! I really enjoyed myself visiting your blog! please come visit mine, too!

  74. Hi Lynn! Your wetsuit story was absolutely hilarious. And your Jack in the box story was touching. Your daughter will remember her JIB forever, you done good.

    Your charms are very nice. I've dabbled in soldering but they're just ok. Good thing I'm giving away something else, right? I would love to win one of your beautiful charms though! Nice to meet you Lynn!

  75. Hi Lynn,
    You are a woman of the same heart. I am a beach lover myself, although it's been a while since I had my feet in the sand. We used to fly to Mexico for years, but after all this economic turmoil, I have kind of changed my thinking on what is necessary. I really enjoyed your blog, and keep telling myself I need to do more soldering. It is definitely a challenge for me. Beautiful blog, and thanks for dropping by. I would love to be in your drawing. Good luck to you as well. Take care, Nancy

  76. What beautiful necklaces Great art thanks for inviting me over alyssasmom98@aol.com

  77. I would love the chance to be in your drawing..
    OWOH #502

  78. Nice to meet you Lynn. Let me start by saying I read you two fave posts, and laughed out loud at your wetsuit experience... you have my sense of humor definitely!! And the jack in the box story was delightful...until he stopped popping out!!

    I do love soldered charm necklaces, it's an art I've never tried, but have purchased many of!!I'm a little intimidated by the soldering... which is odd, I'm usually a jump in with both feet then figure it out kinda girl!!

    Please throw my name in the hat for your great necklace, I'd love to add it to my collection of wearable art!!

    If you are out and about in blogland, drop by #521 and meet me!! I've enjoyed meeting you. So much that I'm now a follower.

  79. LOL! A neurotic dog has a way of keeping us happy, in my opinion! LOL! (I've got two!) You have a beautiful family!! Your work is really wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win! jinglesells at gmail dot com #357

  80. Hello Lynn - I really like your blog and have bookmarked it so I can return once OWOH is over. You have created some beautiful things...and if the Neurotic Dog is still on offer asa giveaway gift I can add him to our Crazy Cats!
    I'm participating in OWOH for the first time and really enjoying travelling around the world meeting other bloggers. Thank you for sharing yours. I hope you can come and visit me (if you haven't already...I'm already losing track of who has been where!) at http://dormouse.wibsite.com/2011/02/02/one-world-one-heart-2011/


  81. What a lovely necklace. Please include me in your drawing.

  82. Hello from snowy southeastern Massachusetts. I have enjoyed your blog. You made me laugh. We like a lot of the same things. In fact one of my giveaways is a beaded wild haired stamped domino pin. I will be back after OWOH is over. Thanks for the opportunity of winning you giveaway.
    Stop and visit my blog #634

  83. Hello from Ipswich, MA. I live North of Boston and WOW, do we have a lot of snow right now!

    Such pretty necklaces you are offering! I tried my hand at soldering, but didn't get very far.

    I hope you will visit my blog and look around. I'm offering one of my shabby chic denim necklaces as my OWOH gift. I'm #509.

    Linda L

    email: LamoreJewelry@gmail.com

  84. Hailing you from sunny Arizona. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you and your art. I hope you’ll visit my blog and signup to win my prizes. Laura

  85. Hi from Canberra Australia - these are very pretty. Please count me in



  86. Lynn,
    What a pretty necklace! (I want to learn soldering.) And what a lovely introduction to yourself, your family, your loves!

  87. Very nice jewelry Lynn! Your jewelry art is stunning. Please include me in your giveaway. Your blog is quite interestng . Thank you for sharing with all of us!
    Come and visit me at:
    Thanks and hugs to you!

  88. enjoyed your blog.I am so excited to participate in my first OWOH blog tour . Your creativity is lovely. I hope I am lucky enough to win.
    please check out my blog

  89. Your soldered necklaces are absolutely delightful. I would be so happy to win either of them.
    Come by for a visit. I'm #68

  90. It was wonderful wandering through you world today on my OWOH journey. Thank you for having me.

    Love the gift you are offering.

    I hope that you will come and visit me too in Alabama on your next outing. #104 Southern Ooaks


  91. its a lovely necklace!!! count me in! Happy owoh!

  92. Dearest Lynn,
    I would love to win a Lynn original! Such a great idea, isn't it? Kat and I will be set up on Sunday night so stop by!


  93. greetings from Germany,
    Love our give away!

  94. Dear Lynn~
    I am having such a wonderful time on my first OWOH trip and loved that I discovered your wonderful blog this morning! I was cracking up at your intro about the neurotic dog and wanting to give it away (we have some kooky characters in our family too! LOL). And the wet suit story sounded just like something I would do! ROTFLOL

    It's so nice to *meet* you and I would love to win your beautiful necklace. I like to solder charms too, but need to find more time to do it (if you discover a magical device that adds 5 hours to the day, would you please let me know?)

    Please stop by my blog when you have a moment and say "hi", k? I'm #347 on the list and giving away one of my lampwork charm beads.

    Happy blogging! *Ü*

  95. hi Lynn love the thought of your neurotic dog I have one of those already.... he he ....love the necklace and your collages looking forward to browsing around your blog .......come visit if you have the chance ...I know lots of blogs to visit ....x

  96. This IS sweet--I really like the bit of hymn on the back, as well as the bird!

    Happy OWOH to you, Lynn! Stop by and visit me if you get the chance; I'm flying along the OWOH journey with you!

    trishatoo at hotmail dot com

  97. So very nice to meet you, I love visiting all these wonderful blogs and seeing what everyone is working on, there are so many talented people here..

    Please enter my name in your lovely drawing
    Bonnie in Florida

    Visit my blogs
    # 566 and # 567

  98. Hi from blissangels and my doggy friends Willow and Acorn...It is wonderful to met you and see the beautiful BLOG...wishing, hoping and dreaming of winning your giveaway…. well more OWOH posts to see. When you get time popped over to see me,#364 the kettle is on. Hugs Wendy http://blissangels.blogspot.com

  99. Hi Lynn,
    You have a lovely family. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Please enter me for a chance to win your beautiful birdie pendant. i think all flying creatures are magical. I hope you will come visit my blog also!
    Thanks so much!
    # 711

  100. Took me awhile to get into your comments...now I am in line dear Lynn :)
    Thank you so much for a chance to be the lucky winner of your beautiful soldered pendant!
    This was an especially sweet post too!

  101. Love your work, especially the bird pendant. Stayed a while to get to know you, you have a beautiful family and are blessed to live by a beach. Hope you are feeling better too! If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi.

  102. Just saying hi from the Netherlands. Love the necklace.
    Please feel free to look at my blog as well (#785)

  103. Hello from Grass Valley, CA. I love your awesome soldered necklace. I got a soldering iron as a gift, so I'm just beginning my adventures in soldering. Thank you for the chance to enter your fabulous giveaway.

  104. Hello from Ohio! I really enjoyed your blog and love your work! I would love your giveaway charms!
    gabriela #439

  105. Hi Lynn - i bet learning to solder has opened a whole new crafty world! What you're doing looks great!! I love the little bird images you use :) Please do count me in and enjoy OWOH x

  106. Greetings from Oregon, USA! Your collaged and soldered creations are exquisite! Stop by and say hi at my OWOH post...I'm #457 http://www.365catladies.blogspot.co. All the best, Susan Faye

  107. Lovely to meet you and your family. Greetings from the UK, loving your work and the gorgeous little pendant prize. Your photography is fabulous, especially next to mine!! Please pop me into your hat as I would love to win the little birdy!!


  108. thanks for sharing the photos with us, I love Starbucks too ummmn. Your family is beautiful and so is your dog :)
    If you get time please stop by my blog for a visit

  109. I love the necklace and I had a great time looking at your images! All of the things you love to do are so well represented!
    Please stop by and enter my OWOH! I'm #50!

  110. We just moved to the IE from the OC....haha! Funny how there is such a stigma about the 91 fwy! I lived in the OC my whole life and was one of those..."that's way out there" kinda people...Now I tell my family to get over it and come visit!!

    Loved your Jack in the Box post!

    Cameron #83

  111. Ciao Lynn! I am so happy to meet you today on the wings of OWOH! Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful giveaway! Love your soldered necklace! Glad to meet you as I take my slow journey around the world...
    Hugs, ♥ ♥ ♥ Antonella ♥ ♥ ♥
    wing stop #153, snowy New Jersey
    Please stop by #153 for a chance to win my giveaway!

  112. Love your blog. Became a follower. Thanks for stopping by mine. LOVE the little necklaces.
    mccalamas at yahoo dot com

  113. Oh yes persistence is a virtue I say hehe. I don't want to miss a thing, especially since this is my 1st and only time flying around the world :) Happy OWOH, nice to meet you :)


  114. You make such nice jewelry!
    So nice meeting you and your blog :-)
    Have a great week!

  115. Hey Lynn, It's lovely to meet you and to discover your blog. Great pic of you and yours. Love the soldered necklace. Soldering is on my list of things to try in 2011. Please count me in. ~Michelle, OWOH participant 598

  116. Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
    Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
    ~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

  117. Hi Lynn, nice to meet you on the OWOH journey! Your blog really made me smile & I'd love to be entered to win the sweet bird necklace. I hope you can stop by my blog at #331 and enter my giveaway, too!

  118. Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  119. Your work is so beautiful! - count me in. Enjoyed your blog - thanks for sharing! Hope you can visit me at 662



  120. Oh, I love your little bird pendant (and your neurotic dog!)

    I love seeing all the neat things that people create!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    Amy from Pennsylvania
    AtypicalMusings.com (OWOH #520)
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  121. what a lovely little bird pendant. please add my name to the hat. thanks!

  122. hi Lynn, from one Lynn to another! Had to laugh about the dog comment, I have two of my own! LOl
    lovely pendant and your soldering looks wonderful, stop on by mine if you havent yet 9#65)
    Lynn :0)

  123. Hello from Iowa, it's nice to meet you! I enjoyed stopping by your blog and would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    Donna #792

  124. What a lovely prize, and you are so talented! Nice meeting you and thanks for giving me the chance to win. Please visit me at Irish Muses at #678.

  125. Hi Lynn, so lovely to meet you! Please add my name for your giveaway, I would so love to win your gorgeous soldered necklace:-) I'd take the dog too! lol

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox

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  136. Hi from Ohio. love the little bird pendant. precious!

  137. I recently moved from the San Gabriel Valley, not to be confused with the valley girls of the San Fernando Valley, to Nor Cal. You have a beautiful family and quite an artistic gift. I'm going to go look at your two favorite posts now. Oh, the beach is one of my favorite places and I wouldn't turn down a trip to the beach either, though it is now about a four hour drive. Maggie

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  179. Your family is beautiful. Neurotic dogs are the best kind!
    I love your soldered art pendants.
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    hugs from ON, Canada

  180. So nice to visit your blog and meet you and your family here through OWOH. Your artwork and jewelry are lovely..I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog, too :-)


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  187. We also have a slightly ( well sometimes more than slightly) neurotic dog)
    You have a lovely blog and your pendant is very fun. It sounds like a very interesting technique and that you are having fun.
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