Monday, February 14, 2011


You all know my friend, Vintage Susie, don't you? If you don't, then take a moment and hop over to her blog and prepare to smile. A lot.
So, Miss Susie came over to my house. She has this aMAZing ability to take what you have and rearrange it into the most gorgeous way I have ever seen.  I kept saying, "this is all my stuff???" And she kept saying, "yep." It has put me into a flurry of re-doing, cleaning, sorting and storing. Well, a flurry because I'm on a ton of Mucinex-D and I actually somewhat have energy for a while during the day from the pseudoephedrine. No, I'm not repurposing my house into a meth lab. I just have some energy.
Even my husband says I'm more chipper. Poor guy.
O.K., so back to the house thing.

Lots of sorting. And moving around. And dusting. yeesh.
All of this has gotten my inspiration juices flowing, and what I do in my home begins to come out in my art. Has anyone had this experience?
I have a bazillion ideas for creating!

This is getting repurposed:

This set of sconces is getting a face lift:

New vingettes await:

I'm taking old canvases and making new pieces of art, I have an idea for our words that I'm putting work into-
I can't wait to show you!!! 

I'm still working on the reliquaries, but I'm not happy with the mica sheets I bought and need to find a different kind. Does anyone know where to get them???

"You had better find it!!!" Miss Big-Girl tells me.

Stay tuned and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!



  1. I totally get that! I find myself having these spurts of creative energy and then a dry spell for awhile. It really is funny because I never have thought of myself as a creative person until recently. I can't wait to see what all you end up doing and hope you reveal some of it soon! :-)

  2. I sure hope that you are feeling better soon, Lynn! Isn't is great when someone can come over and look at all of our stuff with new eyes, and new ideas! I think repurposing is my middle name!! haha!

  3. How nice of her to come over and do this for you. My creative energy comes and goes like the tides. I'm on a high tide right now so I'm trying to get stuff done!

  4. Oooo! It looks like you have some fun stuff to play with!

    Can't wait to see the rest of the story......................

    Feel better!

  5. I need some of that energy, Lynn! My brain always has lots of ideas, but the body doesn't keep up! Feel better SOON!!

  6. i'm going to go get myself some mucinex-d.....

  7. I'm laughing at that last comment about getting mucinex D.

    I also get those spurts of creative energy. My problem is that what I create in my head rarely looks like the thing on the table when I'm done.

  8. Who would of thought Mucinex D. is all it take.. Hee Hee.. I love when I get those burst of energy.. I wish they would just happen more often.. Can't wait to see more photo's.. Hope you have a wonderful week..

    Hugs, Linda

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  10. hey miss lynn~
    your email this morning inspired this post:


    get your mica sheets and get your craft on!!!
    and come play again!

    I have an amazing mixed media collaged houses workshop that is going to be at my girlfriend Carrie's "Hip Chick Design" studio up in Benecia... April 9th! There are only a few seats left, let me know if you guys wanna play!

  11. It looks like you have been painting away since I left...I'm so glad I sparked a little glow inside you & can't wait to see where your energy has taken you!
    Love your post & I'll be seeing you soon..
    Big Hugs,