Monday, February 7, 2011

Soldering On...

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Soldering or Soldiering on?
A little of both.
I haven't given up on our words for the New Year.
Do you recall your word?

go  authentic (autentico)
renewal  shine  inspiring  focus 
patience    inquiry   compassion 
playfulness invest trust  wanting

I am making small reliquaries with our words in them.
So far they look like this:

I make a little, tiny collage and then make a box to go around it.
After that, I'll put some sheets of mica on the front and then solder the edges.

Here is the definition of reliquary:
A receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics.

I think our words are sacred in a way, and I would like them to be in a safe place to remind me of what we began our year with.


Do you see your word yet?

I found this quote and decided to put it in a reliquary of it's own:

It was fitting for my year of being Intentional with my art..
and how could I resist this face?

She is a great-Aunt of mine, my Grandfather's sister.
I do believe I can hear her saying, "Get your big girl panties on and be intentional!"
Have a great day!!


  1. I am digging in the drawer right now for my big girl panties.

    Hopefully I will find them.

    For me, I would stop right with the "Be brave enough" and let it go at that..........

  2. I see my word! I am teary. It is so beautiful! Thank you, Lynn, for thinking of us in your reliquaries. They are so amazing and you are such an incredible person and artist.
    How are you feeling now? I hope things are better. And how is that dear girl of yours in Italy? We are home now and Jud back at chemo today. He is so exhausted but unable to sleep well. It is so cold. We went through a eighty degree weather change. Brrr!
    Sending love,

  3. Beautiful, Lynn. Did you have your nonnegotiable crafting time this morning? Looks like maybe you did and that you're also feeling more chipper.

    I really and truly love the reliquaries. I had never heard of that word before. We were talking about your work during Sunday dinner, btw. We think you create beautiful things.

  4. Soldering on, love it! Your art is really moving in a great direction, it's obvious you are feeling more and more at home with what you are doing. Brava!

  5. Your collages are just amazing, Lynn! I love, love, love them! And the photo of your Aunt is just darling. Your work needs to be in a book or a magazine for sure!! My words.....well, I have never thought of that idea before, but I guess the ones that I see that would apply would be "hopeful", and "creatively". And I need to get my big girl panties out, too:)!!

  6. Hi,

    I love these and I think they are the PERFECT thing for you. I want my word, P-L-E-A-S-E. I'll email you about it later.

    Let's see...I know where my grannie panties are. Now where did I put those big girl panties?


  7. Hey! I just took a second, closer look and notice that you used the graphic from my header in in the one called HOPE. I love that!

    Three cheers for the grahic fairy for providing it to us. Don't you just love her?


  8. I just love these.. And your quote on that last one is wonderful..
    I hope you are having a happy day!!

    Hug, Linda

  9. How wonderful! What a great reminder to live creatively and with intention. Gotta go and look for my pink big girl panties! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. balloon girl made me laugh out loud. Thanks for using it in a reliquary...and how cool that you are enshrining your collages. I love it!!!!! You continue to amaze and delight. Welcome back to blogland. I am loving that as well.

  11. wow, i love your reliquaries - beautiful! i love the look on your great aunt's face! priceless.
    i haven't quite found my focus yet...but i will. thank you for your gentle reminders to us! i hope you show us a finished view, i'd love to see them with the mica & your soldering, i know it will be stunning.

  12. you my friend, are on a roll! I love the playful one (great minds think alike as I was using that word yesterday too), but the middle one, of your Great Aunt...LOVE that. I love where you are going, thanks for inspiring me to get my creativity back in gear!


    PS...my big girl panties are shrinking! LOL LOL LOL...shooting for that marathon in the Fall AND some possible rock climbing...I'm dreaming big here! :)

  13. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your little (glittery) fairy! Her hat and wings are stunning and that expression - fab!

    Thank you for your sweet message Lynn - I actually got my mica at a vendor fair last summer (art unraveled), but I did a search and found this that I thought may work for you? Have fun and thank you, Kristin xo


  14. Oh Lynn - these are absolutely beautiful and so thought provoking! My word for the year is 'change' because there are so many things in my life that needs changing! Wish I could change some things in the world too but I have to start with myself.

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  15. Nope, I couldn't resist that face either!

    How about this "Put on your big girl panties and use time more wisely!". Doesn't have a nice ring to it but hey, I'm tryin'!

  16. These are wonderful!!! Of course my favorite is the living with intention - the look on that little face!! The wings, the colors....and the cutie is related?!! How purrfect is this one??? VERY PURRfect ;)

    I hope you are having a good week!


    Romeo and "her"