Saturday, February 26, 2011

7 random things

I am just a little competitive, so when my friend Debbie of Words Upon Wheels put my name on her blog to see if I could list 7 random things about myself, I thought, "huh. I bet I could do that." So, here you go, Debbie!

1. I had never been outside the U.S. until was 45. Did i then go to europe? nah. asia? huh-uh. I went to India, complete with a trip down the Ganges river at dawn with floating dead bodies.

yeah. pretty at dawn, huh?

2. My natural hair color includes a LOT. of white. all over. too much, really. My hairdresser used to say it was so straight it looked like a cat sucked on it. Now it's curly and i use a straightner every day. Go figure.

3. I like the show Glee. And yes. I watch it every week,(with some discretion) but I have to tape it because my husband hates it. But I watch it anyway. My favorite episode is the one with Gyneth Paltrow and "Umbrella".

4. At least for the next four weeks, I am taking 18 pills a day to combat Ulcerative Colitis. Breakfast consists of fiber, water, 8 pills and more water. gag.

5. I have always wanted to sing back up for a huge band in front of an enormous audience. Like madison square garden or or some Woodstock-like audience. huge.

6. I watch Vh1 music videos while I work out at the YMCA. (I would watch Country Music Videos, but I don't think there's a channel for that.) Then, I embarrass my eldest by calling her and saying things like, "have you heard that song by Jay-z? something to do with a d.j.? it's soo good! Oh, it's by Usher? Right. Isn't it great??!!" I have found that I like Michael Franti, Train, Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles and I find Lady Gaga to be the most weirdly fascinating person.

7. The dumbest purchase I ever made was the red convertable Mustang that Lauren is currently driving.  I thought I was past the days of carting children and backpacks around to various sporting events, but then Brenna surprised me by joining the co-ed Basketball and soccer team the year I bought the car. I could barely fit two kids into the back seat, let alone all the stuff into the trunk. And having the top down? Not in the summer, when it's 112 degrees out here. It's like being roasted in an open pit. That only works at the beach. The best time is the fall, when you can turn the heater on and have the top down. Lauren doesn't like it either, because she can't take anyone anywhere. Do you hear me complaining?


No, this is not me. I don't smile in this car anymore. Well, maybe once in a while with the top down.

Thanks for this, Debbie-it was a lot of fun. And now you all know more about me than you ever wanted to!!!!



  1. Floating down the Ganges? With dead bodies? I'm reporting this to my family so they will no longer complain about my clipboard of fun vacation planning.

    And a convertible? Oh dear, didn't they warn you what wind swept hightlighted blond hair looks like? All the blond congregates at the crown like an amber feather duster. The dark stuff goes on a sit down strike on the back of the neck.

    Not a good look. Don't ask me how I know. Yours probably looks the same, but your family just won't tell you for fear you'll plan a vacation.

    Just sayin'...

    These are great, just exactly as I expected. I just love this blog. Have I told you that lately?

  2. India? How exciting! But dead bodies?

    Sorry to hear about your major pill taking. I hope that doesn't last long. I'm not good with pills either. Fiber though, it's right next to the coffee pot.

  3. oooo, aren't these lists fun?!?

    Well, let's see.....

    My hair {what there is of it...} has lots of gray, so I think your white sounds much better.

    I'm with your husband on Glee.

    I love water and I love fiber. Am I weird?

    I never knew you were inclined to sing in public. The sheep might like it.

    Yes, there is a country music video channel.

    Michael Franti--yes.
    Lady Gaga--no.
    Dead bodies--no.

    I see you didn't mention sheep herding either...............

  4. Thanks for the song. I will add it to my exercise list. Let me know what other songs you like to work out with. I am always looking for new songs, I get bored so easy.

  5. being a backup singer and singing in a venue like Madison Square Garden?????? Who knew?!! I also didn't know you were taking 18 yuk pills a day. Pobrecita! And I thought I wasn't having fun...I love you!

  6. the dead body thing sounds awful but I would love to visit India it looks so beautiful. I love glee, the singing is great but I haven't watched it for a while the content isn't always family friendly and my 12 year old already gets her fair dose of that stuff in school I'm afraid! The convertible sounds fun, maybe if you lived without the 112 degree summer... I want a jeep, probably not gonna happen though, we still need the van! Have a great week! xoxo

  7. What a bunch of interting and collectic things! Especially the India part! Why India?
    So good to know you better!

  8. This cracked me up! I expected you to tell us you vacationed in Paris or Italy, not India. I know it is a custom, but really not what I want to see or partake in...every! Hope the tummy feels better after the next four weeks.

  9. It was great fun learning new things about you, Lynn! I've been lax in my blog hopping lately but definitely remember why I've always ejoy dropping by your place....:)

    Imagination Lane