Thursday, June 16, 2011

The adventure begins.
We are stuffed into this car, driving to get the motor home then on to Oceanside. I will be keeping you all updated until the finish line. And to keep it fun, I will have my sister (lucy) pick the best comment from now until Annapolis. Whoever she picks will win an official Team Learning 4 Life Tshirt!!!!! Woo hoooo! Are you all exited now?
Let's hope I can do this through my phone as lauren is taking my beloved camera.
Ready for the adventure?
Hope so!


  1. wishing you lots of fun and all the guys much success.
    Be safe.
    I just love this photo of you and the girls
    This is real life.
    Can't wait to hear of your adventures along the way, lol
    Judging from your last trip, there are sure to be some doozies, Tee hee

  2. The pressure... the pressure...I'll have to watch what I say here, and you know how hard that is for me.

    This is going to be fun and wonderful!

  3. You are all so cu-uuute. You should frame this one!
    (How was that comment, Lucy? No, really. I can do better!)
    Hope it goes wonderfully well and you raise money for those who need it so much.
    Sending heaps of love,