Sunday, November 27, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 28

Back at the Art Everyday Month!
I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Last week,
some of my art came in the form of writing in the sand at the beach.

I read quite a bit about thankfulness and trust this past week.
Those two words bring so much freedom to me.
When I let them.

I come from a "pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps" kind of a family.
Which definitely comes in handy when one needs to work hard.
But trust?
Thankfulness in the midst of hard times?
Isn't that just a pollyanna kind of view?

I do struggle with this notion, but I don't think it's "pollyana-ish"
when it is a conscious decision.
To be able to put my thoughts in a better place is a gift!

I want this...notion...to continue way past Thanksgiving.
Through December, even!!!
I want to treasure each day, especially during the holidays.
What about you?

I have a little idea rolling around my brain and at the end of the month, I'll have that idea put into a plan,
so be sure and stay tuned!!


  1. I'll definately stay tuned! i agree that notion is not at all 'pollyanna-ish'. Have a great day! and terrific AEDM day:))

  2. It's not Pollyanna-ish to trust. It is, I have found, hard work. I think it's much more work to trust than to pull yourself up by the old bootstraps. I know that seems counter intuitive, but that's what I think anyway.

  3. I'll stay tuned. How are you? I myself am perhaps going to draw something today :)

  4. love the word in the sand...

    and yes, trust. :-)

  5. You are so right - such a gift! I am becoming more aware every day about how powerful my thoughts are when it comes to my behavior. So much of what I have done in the past has been a reaction to some belief I had and wasn't even aware that I had. I am learning to slow down and reflect, so I can respond instead instead of reacting!

  6. I believe in hard work, it is the only way to learn in life.
    If we are handed everything or get help constantly, what lesson is to come from it?

    It feels so good to take on a project and put our whole minds into it and say,"I know I can do this"

    Trust is still a hard one for me...especially being a mom.

    But I am Thankful.
    I have seen how my husband an I lived before and I am so Thankful for where we are now. I could have never dreamed our lives all to this.

    I see others struggling and just know that they haven't let themselves grow yet. It is a very hard thing to realize that you can change the way the universe gives back to you. What you put out there does come back 10 fold, I truly believe it.

  7. what a simple joy, writing in the sand. i don't get to the beach often, but next time i go, i hope i remember to write in the sand. :)

  8. Love what you wrote about Thankfulness and Trust.

    The word 'Freedom' written in the sand looks great with the shadowed lines and the the light catching the sand at the edges of the lines. Beautiful image, and I love how you've played with it in different versions, too.

  9. I like the pollyanna thing... hey there are enough people out there who are going to give you grief so you might as well be positive in the face of it all and have some joy in your life I think... Look forward to see where all this leads you and finally hit the follow button... seriously can't believe I had missed you out...xx

  10. So looking forward to the moment you "let the cat out of the bag" -- the cat will be glad too ;)

    BTW since you are one of my favorites, I awarded you with the Liebster Award today! Be sure and check it out http://confessionsofajunkyardcat.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-love.html


    Romeo and "her"

  11. something about being at the ocean, It just so calming, I just love it.. What a great word.. Can't wait to hear about you plan!!

    Hugs, Linda

  12. your posts are so full of joy - and I love all the pictures (and the repetition in this one is perfect). The pictures and words dance together down the page. I think I may have to try that (and give you credit for it). So glad you visited me during AEDM so I could find you!