Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Every Day Month

I'l continue the Art Every Day Month (AEDM) by showing you the next pages of my Hope sketchbook.
It's kind of a crazy project, in that I fight feelings of wondering what people will think, should they pick it up to look through it.  I imagine there will be thousands to look through, but what if someone picks mine up? Will it encourage them? Will they wonder what my thoughts were as I did each page? Will they put it down to look for something better? Does one EVER get past the negative thoughts when they put their artwork out for the world to see?

"Blackbird" is one of my all time favorite Beatle's songs.

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Today is the day to get Her Royal Highness ready for Homecoming court!!! Pray for the nervous, excited, giddy parents!


  1. I love that song too and just last week looked up the lyrics because I want to use them some artwork of mine. Very cool stuff you have here.

  2. I love blackbirds, and you've done them proud :)

  3. This is so beautiful. Of course everyone will love it! I do have those negative thoughts too though. Hard to get rid of them.

    Good luck tonight. I can't wait to see pictures of the Princess!

  4. I always love your art. You have the gift of combining it with words so of course it appeals to me.

    And I hope Princess Brenna is ready for the parade. I'm sure she has been practicing the Queen Wave.

    Tell her that I said, "Good-bye Trolley People!"

    (See? I remembered. I'm creepy like that.)

    Have a great day, Queen Mum. God gave it to you just as assuredly as He gave it to her.

  5. I agree it's scary to put your artwork "out there" - I haven't done it yet except online and that's hard enough. And I think your hope SHOULD be that each person that picks it up will wonder and ponder and put their own spin on what they see - you want them to be engaged! And judging from this page, they'll have plenty to ponder!

  6. Such a fabulous page my friend.. You are so good a mixed media art..
    Wishing Your Royal Highness all the best!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Lynn, this is such a wonderful page. I love your colors and the bird!

  8. Oh, yes!

    We will have to play Blackbird to our sheep.

    I am sure they will love it as much as we do..............

  9. This is stunning. I've been wanting to do some collage work including newspaper print and text and this has really inspired me.