Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Every Day Month

Day 10.
An epiphany sort of a day.

This is what I wanted to share with you from the Sketchbook Project

It resonates deep within me, this quote from Maggie Kuhn.
The realization today was that I tend to question what I create. I am joyful, energized, and right where I know I should be while creating. Then, somehow, when I step away, my thoughts turn against me:

 It's not really "good enough." If I changed ________, it would be better. It's childish. If I created it like ______, it would be a little more credible. Who would want this?

Yep, those are my inside voices.
And I want those to change.
I want to speak the truth,

even if my voice shakes at first.

Because, I realize this: What I learn in my life goes onto my canvas.
Every emotion is on there, all the thoughts and heart felt achings are on display.
ahhh...it's on display.
Now I will own it instead of pretend it really isn't there.
I will own it and live it out.

Now,when I look at my canvas, I want to say this:
Darn, that was good.
I'm so happy with this.
I want this on my wall.
I want this to go out into the world.
I want this to give someone else the courage to be brave, the courage to live their life.
I want to communicate that we are loved beyond measure.

I want to learn to love myself for who I am and who I was created to be.
Then live it out in every aspect of my life. To hold who I am and hold it tenderly. To tend to it and help it grow.

What is your truth today?

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  1. the truth is I love this piece!

    You are being so open with us.
    I believe most artists say all of these things to themselves.
    I was just at the art opening last week and I overheard so many artists saying, "no one gets it" "I can't get where I want with my art"
    and what I always say is We are on own worst critic. If you dont try or put it out there for people to discover you will never know how much you are loved and most off all art can make a person feel something. That one special person may walk up to your showing and say this speaks so loud to me, I must have it. That feeling is Wonderful!
    SO Keep Speaking the Truth Lynn
    it is the only way to live

  2. OH yes, our inner critic can certainly bring us down if we let them. This piece is great and quite dramatic...makes a strong and important statement. Great colours and balance too.

    Happy AEDM,
    Serena :)

  3. I love your 'paint onto text' sketch book pages.
    I decided it does not matter whether I like my work or not. If we make what is in your heart then that is the truth for that moment as we saw it. It might be that through the things we create we learn to like ourselves anyway. (Eventually.) This might not make sense, but...........it's what I have worked out!
    If you put honesty into your work then it will be beautiful; whatever you later think!

    Gwen xx

  4. This is really powerful. I have the inner critic thing going on, too, so my truth would pretty much be a "ditto" to what you've said so well.

  5. Another wonderful page in your journal. It is so hard sometimes not to question our work. I know I do it a lot. Sometimes I wonder if people like Picasso ever questioned their art. Lynn, your work does reflect the life you have lived, and what I get from it each and every time is positive, truth, hope and belief. Those are great qualities to have come out in your art.

  6. What a great quote. We can be our own worst critics at times. We have to embrace ourselves and see the beauty that others can see. Not always easy :)

  7. I have those same voices.. The problem is I believe them!!! Such a great and powerful post.. I loved it!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Such an inspirational post! I think we all have inner voices like that (I know I do), but we have the choice whether we listen to them or not (even though it's hard to remember that sometimes).

  9. Love that page...and love all you had to say about it.
    How is your sketchbook coming along? Mine is feeling a little neglected.

  10. Beautiful piece with a powerful statement (one of my favorites!).Maybe that's why I like clay so much - until it's hard you can change it. After it's hard you can break it apart, soak it in water and start again. And artjournaling: there is no wrong. There is just paint over!

  11. Lovely piece and post too. I think it's only when you truly silence those inner demons real creativity can take over. I know when I make art to try for a masterpiece I'm always going to be disappointed, if I make it to make myself happy then I have a great feeling of freedom. As such half of what I end up with I don't like, but I'll never alter them (once they feel like they are *finished* - if not then I allow myself to carry on playing) as they did their job of making me happy at the time and I respect them for being part of my journey. Since I've started allowing myself to accept this there's something extremely freeing in it. Wow, long comment lol sorry one of those topics all of us have to deal with I guess, thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie :) x

  12. I know those voices, too! And I have to tell you that your voices are absolutely wrong - I love the art you are creating! It is so so beautiful! And please never let those voices stop you doing this! Big hugs, Rosie

  13. At this point, I have absolutely NO idea what my truth is.

    I hear the same voices you do.

    Perhaps we need to gang up and throttle them.

    I think you are advancing at a pretty good clip at the moment.