Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 29

I'm finding myself very sad to be at the end of Art Every Day Month.
Maybe I'll have to continue it on my own...
and just visit my own blog.

O.k., enough of that sadness.
Here is what is rolling through my head.
"Take Good Care Of This Moment."
what about
TGC for short?
I know, I know, it's bad when things are rolling through my head and I put it all out on the blog.
But I think it will be worth it.
Just think Linky Party for December to help each other through the craziness of the season.
Or, Linky Party at Blueskies!
Or, Linky Party to help us not lose our minds during December and get caught up in stuff we really don't want to and if we did, we have a place to come to get a breath of fresh December air.
Just keep tuning in and I'll have it all worked out tomorrow, how's that?!!

On to art work:

My eldest introduced me to a product called Misket, or Liquid Frisket.
I like the name as it reminds me of Peter Rabbit.
I'm telling you, I'm pretty tired today!

Anyway, it's a liquid that you apply to your substrate and then paint over it.
It's also advisable to let the paint DRY before taking off the frisket, as seen above.

Use a small eraser to take off the frisket. It's a very thin rubber-cement like texture when it dries.
I had a page in my practice journal that just had color on it and then I applied the Liquid Frisket and let it dry and then painted black over it to help it stand out. My daughter has a knack of getting really clean lines with her lettering, and it looks beautiful.

Just be careful with your brush, because mine ended up looking like this.

Have a great day!


  1. What a cool product! I've always loved this type of art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cracking me up girl! I think you think faster than I do. Thanks for passing on the info on this product, and your words of wisdom for using it.

  3. it is really amazing...all the techniques you get to try and share with us.
    I wouldn't even know the first thing about painting and layers.
    It is really cool to see what you do.
    My problem is patience I want to have an instant gratification moment.
    Maybe that is why I never could sit and paint.
    Take care.
    Go get that fuel venti size and wake up ;)

  4. Romeo sent me over...will be catching up on prior posts!


  5. Interesting technique, thank you for these tips:)

  6. Ok, Ok . . . . another item has now been added to my Santa "wish list" from the art supply store!!! I've never tried masking fluid, but now I'm very curious and can't wait to give it a try!!! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. I love when you think out loud. You just make me laugh!

    I am sitting (lying down in bed) in Rochester and I think I have the flu. Jud is getting a Pet Scan. We are at a friend's house and I hope I haven't infected her...or Jud.
    Ah, life. Yes, I like your idea of a Linky Party to get through December!!!!


  8. Liquid Frisket - it does sound like something Peter Rabbit would use!! Love it!!

  9. This looks really cool! I need to try masking fluid again--it's been so long that my bottle of fluid is not fluid anymore ;)

  10. I have some of this stuff, but haven't tried it yet. You have made it sound so wonderful, that I shall delay no longer. Thanks for the tips, too! I'll have to check back tomorrow and find out what you have come up with concerning Mr. Linky - Sounds fun!

  11. You're too funny! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Lynn!!

    Your art is all sooo cool! You should keep it up and create for you everyday! Lord knows I try!!

    Have a delightful week!

  12. I'm with you about the end of AEDM! Your letters look fab with the frisket! I'm going to have to play with that.

  13. Lovin' the crazy way you think! Some kind of frisket linket thing would be fun for December... keep us posted.

    I have really enjoyed your art this month. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love masking fluid and used it so much for a while ther that Matt removed it from my table... I think he was scared he was going to wake up one night and find me painting him with it... I just loved peeling it off if truth be told, but hey got to get our kicks where we can... love the mr linky idea... can't wait to see what you come up with xx

  15. I guess the brush will become your frisket brush!
    The artwork beautiful. Reverse type is strong and unexpected.Nice.

  16. Oh my sweet friend. You always make me smile.. Well I shouldn't say that some times you have brought tears to my eyes.. Good tears!! I love that technique you used. Looks like something I would like to try!!

    HOpe you have a happy week..

    Hugs, Linda

  17. Thanks for this product share (I'm writing it down) as I had something like it once but I left it on too long (I was afraid of my picture I think) and it wouldn't come off. These days I'm bolder with my art, so I've been thinking about something like this to try again, and here you share exactly what I need. Isn't it nice how that works out? Love the way it looks in your journal!