Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Art Every Day Month-day 30 and a Linky Party!!

The LAST day of Art Every Day Month!!!

Another addition to my Sketchbook Project.
I wasn't so sure about it last night.

But it is always better the next day in different light...

I did this page to kick off my
"Take Good Care of This Moment"

And to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed Art Every Day and met some wonderful artists, and will miss the daily check ins!

So, let's talk December.
It can be a mad rush to keep up with everyone and the radio constantly telling us we only have __ shopping days left.
It can be an utterly heartbreaking month where things go horribly wrong and they just aren't supposed to in December.
It can be exhausting keeping up with all the kid's parties and festivities and school programs, not to mention our own get togethers.
It canbe a month with sweet, cherished moments.
It can be a month where we take a couple of minutes and post about a moment we took good care of,
and then encouraged others with that moment.
Which is what I'm aiming for!

I'm learning to "Take Good Care of THIS Moment".
Whether it is a sweet, cherished one, or a rather difficult one.
For instance:
On vacation last week, I saw the sweetest little girl dancing with the waves on the beach.
She wore multicolored striped leggings that stopped at the ankles and a florescent pink skirt with a top that had the Superman emblem on it. Plus, it had a CAPE.
I took such good care of that moment and stopped to remember the joy of walking in the sand, the squeals of my girls when they were little and the water surprised their toes. I stopped to cherish the time I had to build sand castles with Brenna that day. I have cemented it in my heart and mind for forever, and it is a wonderful memory to have to look back on.

Or, for instance:
After vacation, I was at the eye doctor's with Brenna and was informed she had the beginnings of cataracts.
How was I going to "Take Good Care of THAT Moment"???
Well, I stopped for the moment and took stock of the situation.
I screamed a little in my head-"REALLY, GOD, REALLY????"
Then I thought about how Brenna is not in imminent danger, her life is not threatened, nor is she being admitted to the hospital. Plus, I really like her doctor.
It was an interesting situation to look at that moment a little differently.

All that to say is, 

You are cordially invited to

Every Friday in December.
(2, 9, 16, 23 and 30th)

Every Friday for the month of December, (the 2, 9,16, 23 and 30th)
you can join in. Share your moment that you were able to "TAKE GOOD CARE OF."
Post it on your blog, link it to this one and we can all encourage each other through this month.

Now, the really fun part!
If you take the code for my badge on the right side of the blog, and post an invitation for others to join on YOUR blog, leave me a comment (with your email) here telling me you did so, and I will send you a little thank you in the form of one of these tags pictured.

Let's get the party started this FRIDAY!!!

I'm looking forward to "Taking Good Care" with all of you!!!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    It's been so much fun getting to know you this past month via AEDM. I am Following you and also read you via RSS feed so I won't miss a thing.

    I hope all goes well with Brenna.

    Taking Good Care of This Moment sounds like a lovely idea and your tags are beautiful reminders. I will definitely consider participating each Friday for December.

    Happy creating,
    Serena :)

  2. Lynn,

    Thanks so much! Your work is amazing. I love the tags.. so beautiful. Your work is so much fun to follow!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am so happy that you love the iphone app as much as I do. I also love MOST of the messages! LOL!

    Have a great day!

  3. A wonderful idea!!

    I'm so glad I stopped by today to share in your work and this new tradition you are creating for us!!

    I'm in!

  4. Love your work my talented friend. What a WONDERFUL "tradition" you have started!!!!! Love the idea!


    PS: Sorry about Miss Brenna's eyes...prayers always!

  5. happy aedm! definitely been a great month seeing everyone's posts and getting inspired! yay!

  6. It has been lovely meeting up with you too. All your today's work looks amazing! I will be back regularly to see what you are doing:)
    Have fun!

  7. I just love this idea, and the piece that you made about taking care of this moment looks fabulous! You are so gifted, I get inspired every time I come here for a visit. I look forward to our Fridays in December I'm sure there will be some wonderful stories to be told.

  8. You always make me stop and think of how good we have it.
    Lets keep our chins up this season and realize it is how we deal with what we are given tells what kind of person we are.
    I can't wait for your party.
    I will be there with bells on.

  9. Hi Lynn
    I am sorry about Brenna's eyes. It was good to hear how you took the news and turned it around to look at it in a different way. I was mulling over something just before I read your post and when I saw that it made me turn my thinking about my situatuion around too. Thanks for that.

    I will be very happy to join you on Fridays. And I already have your 'ladies' on my blog side bar.

    If you need my email address its wethree333@gmail.com

    Will be in touch:) FranT

  10. Your tags are really lovely, and I love the story about the little girl with the striped leggings and the cape! It's been great meeting you and your blog thru AEDM--thank you for all of the comments and creative support :)

  11. What a great post, Lynn, and such a wonderful reminder, too! It is just too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the holidays, and forget what it truly should be about. And I'm so glad that you were able to reframe the news that you got from Brenna's dr. I think that would have been super hard for me to do!! Can't wait for your linky parties, how fun!!

  12. Oh love this Lynn! What a wonderful way to remember the REASON for the SEASON! Beyond the hustle and bustle of this time of year we need to remember to "take good care" of the precious moments that slip away so quickly. Tomorrow at Inspiration Friday we are sharing various holiday link parties going on this month and we will be sure to include yours, and we will be sure to participate!


  13. What a great idea for a linky! I admire you so much and your ability to really see what is so important. We all need to do that more often. Enjoy the moment and see the big picture.

  14. I just love how you made a difficult situation and turned it around. Not an easy thing to do. But so worth it in the end.. All your art looks amazing.. I just love this type of art! And you are so good at it.. I would love to join in on your on your party.. We will see what I come up with!!!

    I will keep Brenna in my prayers..

    Hugs, Linda

  15. Great idea! I will never remember Friday to Friday. But a FB friend and I have decided to try AEDM during December on FB (altho I may have to take next week off), and so I get to continue with an accountability to my art - which has been quite awesome (as always).
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures on this post!

  16. Lynn, such a deep and meaningful idea you have here. To take care of the moment - whatever type of moment they may be. I'm very recently having to take care of not only present moments, but past ones as well. Moments in time when I realize now, that I was not taking care of those times and the person in them with me. I would love to participate if I can keep up. And I will add your link party info on my blog and post your badge.

  17. What a beautiful way to start a month that's filled with the aura of giving and love! Your posts are always so inspiring. Although I won't officially be participating, you've given me a whole, new way to approach the "moments" of December!!! And, yes, I too, am very happy that Brenna is not in any imminent danger!!! ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

  18. I am just getting around to blog reading and saw this. I think this is a wonderful idea. I'm going to be more committed to cherishing the moments just so I can yak about them!

  19. Hi, Lynn. I'm sorry to hear about Brenna's eyes. This post is inspiring and I'll be sure to stop by on Fridays. I love the piece you created and these gorgeous tags. Really beautiful work.

  20. All linked up and hoping lots of people join in! I know that we all have moments, good and bad and everything in between, thank you for the reminder to hold them and take good care of them.