Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photography 101

Thank you for all the colonoscopy love. I seriously have lost count on how many I have had. Not that it makes the prep any easier, but I kinda have a routine down. Wow. Won't that look good on a resume?
Anyway, no inflammation, so I get to stay on immunosuppresants. Lots of biopsies done, and will get the results from that later. Like you needed to know that.
Well, I figure it's all out on the table now, since I confessed to possibly buying vodka to get the prep down.

Now that I have regrouped a little, I'll tell you about a fabulous photography class I took last Saturday.
It was with Cynthia Shaffer. Yes, please do click on the link. Her blog is wonderful.
I have a Cannon Rebel XT.
I use AUTO for everything.
Until Saturday.

I learned about Manual setting.
And Aperture.
I got familiar with my manual for my camera.
Did I mention F-stops?

With lots and lots of trial and error,

I became friends with the manual setting on my camera.

It's pretty amazing when you have a gentle and patient teacher who is sheer genius when it comes to things like ISO and F-Stop.

Cynthia set up lots of props in the studio.
For 4 solid hours until we said we would faint from hunger unless she let us go to lunch,

We took notes, and learned the settings on our cameras.
And snapped away in between.
Did I mention we took notes?

We learned about bokeh:
(See Cynthia's tutorial here.)

Foam board and lighting,

Shadows and sun.

Light and dark.
The second half of the day we went outside, all around the artist's district in Santa Ana.

Opening and closing apertures, asking each other if we remembered what number was what on our cameras.

"Freezing" water, one of my favorites.

Watching the girl scout troupe play something called, "What time is it, Mr. Fox?"

Using classmates as models.

It was the best.

If you are interested, there are spots available for her March 17 class.
Click here for more information.

Have a great day!


  1. It was so fun to take this class with you!! OH, and I will be contacting you about the vodka, I mean prep advice ;)

  2. I so need a class like this! What a great experience, and your photos are awesome! Glad to know that you are o.k.! t.xoxooxo

  3. love the water ones too!
    Oh sounds like you got to lose yourself for a few hours in complete joy.
    Ahem, you must give me a few hints when we meet up ;)

  4. Yay!! All your photos look amazing!! so happy you did this class. Manual mode has completely changed the way I look at subjects.. Just wait till you learn to shoot backlit portraits.. and food photography!!!! waahahhaahaha!!!!!!! :)

    love you!

  5. ohhh.. Doug doesn't yet realize the addiction to lenses you'll soon have!!!! :)

  6. WOW!! That sounds like an amazing class. Your photos look great. I had taken a class at our community college.. Lets just say the teacher was brutal.. he would let you know when your photo looked like crap. And was non to nice about it. But it did help.. I have been using my manual mode ever since..

    Have fun playing..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Looks like a fun class...and your photos are wonderful. How exciting.

  8. Well, first, I'm glad the colonoscopy gave good results.

    Second? You photos are really great, and I love one with the water the very best. Excellent!

    If I had a nice camera, I would love to take a photography course.

  9. That sounds like it was such a great class! Yay for trying manual! It's not so scary after all huh? Your shots look so good. Love the water ones!

    Glad all went well with your tests. I have not had it done but my husband has done it twice. I just got to deal with his drugged up self!

  10. I'm signed up for the March class. I didn't attend the class you did because it was my birthday, but now I wish I had! I'd have loved to share the experience with you. We've got to get together soon!