Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Happy January.
It's an odd January for me.
The calendar tells me that it has been a year since my mom passed away.
Some days it seems it has been just a couple of weeks ago, other times it seems like ten years. Memories and time away does that, I think.

Do you make resolutions?
Not me.
I have learned that for someone with perfectionistic tendencies they aren't such a good idea and they actually add more stress to my life. Then there's the stubborn side of me that keeps saying, "Huh. You can't make me do that. I want to do just the opposite because it's way more fun, and don't we all need more fun??? Please??" Plus, when something better comes along, I'm all for it and I have completely forgotten my resolution. When I do make up my mind to do something, I get it done, but I have to have the say so as to when I start. June is nice. Or April. Kinda eases you into the year....
If you make them, do you tend to stick to them? Have you seen one accomplished?
I can honestly say no to both questions.

We have taken lots and lots of walks this break. The weather has been cold (for us) and beautiful. 
The other reason we are taking lots of walks is because Brenna is "working" for some concert tickets.
She is bound and determined to get to a Justin Bieber concert. We thought he was finished winging his way through our area, but noooooooo....
With our other daughter, we would ask her to work for the money to pay for her ticket. It's a little more difficult for Brenna to do this, so my husband came up with a GENIUS idea.
We have cut up last year's J.B. calendar, month by month. For every day that Brenna eats well and exercises this month, she get a piece of the "puzzle" and puts it back together. We will do this for six months, until the date of the concert in June. 
We have tried so many ways to get her motivated to move, to make good choices about food, and it has been a long, strenuous road.
We have hit gold on this idea. I have never seen her more motivated in my life. The trick will be to continue it month by month, but I tell you what, so far so good!
It's not a resolution, as we have worked on this issue for years. So, I'm motivated to help her as well, and I'm looking forward to posting about the progress.

Have you seen it yet?
Oh, my word.
Les Miserables.
Possibly the best movie I have ever seen. I was riveted, I cried like a baby, I was utterly drained when it was done.
The darkness of man, and the greatness of grace and redemption. Over and over and over again,  grace and redemption win out. 
It's tremendous.

So, here's to January.
And June. 
And April.
New beginnings, new words to live by for the year, so much to look forward to in the coming days. Sometimes it's just a daybreak, maybe it's a reunion, but whatever it is, I hope it's gentle and brings you joy.

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  1. Many many cyber hugs to you Lynn xoxo

    And the Bieber motivation! Hurrah! Great idea!

  2. I don't make a New Years resolution either, I do pick a word and this year my word is dream. You found a good motivator for your daughter to earn a concert ticket and eat healthy at the same time.

  3. Right there with you on resolutions... I saw this recently and thought it was a much better idea for me, "Don't make resolutions, just make plans." yup, that one is for me! I always love your ramblings, and this one is no exception! The idea for Brenna to earn her tickets by being healthy is fabulous, way to go mom and dad! I think I will use that around here, less sitting around and more moving, I wonder what I can earn? :)
    I want to see Les Mis... on my to do list (cue, make plans)
    I hope that you have a inspired, artful, beautiful, fabulous, exceptional
    2013, Lynn... you so deserve it!
    love, t.xoxoxoox

  4. Not sure if it is really a resolution or just more adult like to start watching my spending habits. Otherwise nope never did resolutions.
    I am rooting for Brenna! See this is a great thing to make it more like a fun game to achieve a goal than to make it something you HAVE to do.
    Getting a great reward or prize at the end of something is awesome!!

    So now the hard part, the loss of someone so great is sure to never go away. It is easier some days than others and the others hit hard and fast. Take it one day at a time and know on those hard days family and friends will be there for you to listen and try to make it all better.

  5. Hi Lynn! What a nice mental picture I have of you and Brenna walking and her sheer excitement for JB! Your husband is a Genius! Great plan. Happy New Year to you and the family. I have the same outlook on Resolutions. I've never seen anyone follow thru to make it a lifestyle change. I love Theresa's idea about making plans instead of resolutions. Love ya....

  6. I well remember the one year mark with the passing of my dad. It seems nearly impossible that it has now been over ten.

    I love the puzzle idea in a big old fat way! It's creative and fun with a purpose. I'm expecting a healthy Brenna at the big concert!

    And Les Mis...
    My daughters saw it over Christmas and haven't stopped raving yet. I'm not in the mood to cry these days so I don't know if I'll see it myself. I want to, though.

  7. Happy New Year, Lynn! I don't make resolutions anymore myself, however, I'm trying to bring more acceptance in my life and practicing "release" more often when I get obsessed about something that really worries me or makes me frustrated. Those both aren't coming easy for me.

    I really like your incentive "program" with your daughter...we struggle with our daughter eating well and moving more and maybe your idea would work for something that my daughter would like to "work" for!


  8. Happy New Year! The puzzle idea is amazing. What great parenting & encouraging!
    I haven't seen Les Mis yet...but want to sooo badly.
    I feel the same about resolutions...the Lord gives us a new morning full of his grace daily...the year changing on the calendar isn't going to make some drastic difference in my life. That said though...I decided rather than making resolutions, I just want to do BETTER. Better as a Mom, better as a wife, better with eating and exercise. & Better as a Christ follower serving my community. I can't fail, as long as I do better, right? :) Win, win.