Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Have I told you the story of the letterman's jacket?
Well, then.
(awesome photos at the end of the story, courtesy of Joylyn Newell I don't want to ruin the end)

There once was a girl named Brenna who had a sweet friend. Brenna saw her sweet friend at a football game and this friend was wearing a brand-spanking new Letterman's jacket. These jackets are earned, that's for certain. Lots of sweat, commitment, being on a Varsity team. Wow.

Now Brenna, not being a big fashion diva, threw her mom for a loop when on the way home from the football game, she said, "I sure liked my friend's jacket." Mom agreed it was pretty cool. (Mom would have given her right arm for one in high school but mom was not of the athletic persuasion. That came much, much later in life.)
Then, in a small, quiet voice, Brenna said, "I wish I could have one."
Oh dear.
How does a mother explain to her girl that you have to play on a Varsity team to be able to letter in sports and therefore have the coveted jacket? As in be an athlete, try out for the team, play for the school, etc., etc. So, as gently as she could, mom tried to explain the process. Brenna, being Brenna said, "I still want one."
No kidding. Mom did too.

Well, the months went by and Brenna continued to help out the girls varsity tennis team. Just as she did for two years on the volleyball team. And the track team.
 She went to practices, ran after balls, picked them up, learned how to swing a mean racquet, set up courts before matches, and cheered on her team. The season ended and the banquet for the team came up and Brenna, mom and dad all went. Mom did the slide show, (with help from Brenna taking photos during matches) and everyone had a great time.

The time to hand out certificates and letters and pins came around and each girl was called up.....
including Brenna.

Brenna was given a letter, a tiny tennis pin and certificate that year. Mom and dad were speechless. A letter. A flipping varsity LETTER. 
As in the kind that needed to go on a LETTERMAN'S JACKET.

Remember the sweet friend from the football game? Her dad came over and gave Brenna a huge hug and congratulated her. He looked at mom and said, "When are you getting her the jacket?" To which mom replied, "Yesterday."

Christmas time came and there was a large box under the tree with Brenna's name on it, which she enthusiastically opened. Much to all of the family's surprise, when Brenna held up the jacket, there was a pause-it was so quiet- and then she began to cry. As you can imagine, all of the family were boo-hooing right along with her. She was overwhelmed! They were all overwhelmed! Who knew?

She now wears her letterman's jacket with great pride.
 Every blessed day.

 There is a letter on it, with THREE pins: one for volleyball, one for tennis and one for track. There is a patch on one side from the Race Across America, and her nick name from tennis, which is B-bop. She tells everyone who meets her all about the jacket, and her school. 

The girl's got school pride, that's for darn sure.
And mom?
Oh, mom has so much pride in her girl. Mom thinks she would have learned how to make a letter to put on that darn jacket. But no. Brenna earned it. 
All on her own.


  1. You just made my day... I am typing this through tears, cuz now you and those coaches and teammates and Brenna all have me boohooing too!What a great story, thanks for rambling! Tell Brenna that I think she looks fabulous in her new jacket! Happy weekend to you! love, t.xoxo

  2. totally crying!!
    Just so wonderful her dedication to her school and the acknowledgement they give her is amazing.
    A beautiful story that shows when you give from your heart it will be repaid to you in full.

  3. People are AWESOME.
    *sniff sniff sniff*
    She looks radiant.

  4. WOW! What a wonderful story!!!! That's heart warming! I am so happy that she now has a jacket of her own - earned and so deserved!!

    Hugs and purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  5. OH my...this touched me, Lynn! What an absolutely wonderful story...Brenna so deserved it! Thanks so much for sharing with us...ok, I need a kleenex...

  6. Oh what a fantastic story. You have me crying here too. Way to go Brenna!!!

  7. Okay, now her auntie is boo-hooing too, what an awesome story!!! Darn tootin' she earned it with all the work she did and all the (school) spirit she showed!!

  8. Oh, and can you tell Miss B for me that she totally ROCKS that letterman's jacket?

  9. Well, I stop by for the first time and what do you do, you make me cry.

    Sweetest story ever. Really is. An your daughter, Brenna, just beautiful.

    Not sure how you stumbled upon me here in cyberspace and if you are new to me, to us, to our extra chromosomed wonder girl , but thanks for leaving a comment so I know you are out there.

    I'll be back. Now off to add you to my blog reader. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Okay. Have I lost my mind? Which might be entirely possibly. But we live in Southern California too. Have we met and I have just had a mental block or is it just a coincidence that we both live in Southern California and you found my blog?

    If we have met. Wow. Talk about embarrassed. I am a Down syndrome stalker in public, I must admit that, so I do randomly meet people along the way, talk about my blog and then poof, have zero recollection.

    So ...

  11. This is the sweetest post ever. It touched me so and had me tearing up a bit. I am in love with the photos. The B&W shots need to be framed..

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  12. Hi Lynn,

    Wow, what a wonderful and inspirational story! Through my own tears, I'm so proud of her too!

    Go Team!

  13. Wow, what a neat story! So glad to to read about the backstory to her awesome jacket! Brenna is a true sweetheart who has such a joyous spirit about her. Very thankful to have had the opportunity to photograph you guys!