Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Can you stick to a schedule?
Does it seem that you can stick to a schedule and two weeks later life upends it and you can't get back to that schedule?
And that two weeks are all you ever get of normalcy?
Does it bother you?
As in, make you crazy. Make you want to throw in the towel. Think you will never get back to what you started. Forget what you even started?

Today I'm going from this

and this

 to this:

Home made chicken noodle soup makes everything better.

Plus it smells good.

Just picked oranges smell good, too.
I think I'm all about yummy smells today.

Can someone explain to me why pajamas shrink?
This question has been bothering me all week. 
I buy pajamas that are too big because I know they will shrink. Is that better than pajamas that fit and after you wash them the arms and legs are too short?
Do you like the smell of laundry?
I have a friend who says her most favorite smell is the dryer vent.

I love this candle. It's Volcano by Anthropologie.
It smells good.

Any thoughts on American Idol?
It's the only show I watch from beginning to end. Might be pathetic to some, but I'm in a pretty good crowd!

I'm on a quest for tall brown boots. Too bad it's the end of the "season" and there aren't a whole lot left. I opted for these instead, as my friend, Amy convinced me they are "stylish at any age." That's all I needed. Thank goodness for texting while shopping!!

O.K., best for last. 
Brenna and I went to the dog park yesterday and we met a trio of little dogs. This one just about killed me with a face that only a mother could love:

Happy Friday!


  1. Good morning Lynn
    I am always so blessed by your Friday Ramblings. These tend to be my favorites. I love how you make me laugh, make me think and ponder and then tug my heart. Thought provoking and inspiration is just what I come for and you always leave me smiling. Have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Oh I forgot to add I love the boots


  3. Good morning Lynn.
    30 minutes before I leave and I am killing time by occupying my mind with the internet :)
    Yum on the chicken soup. I can smell it from here. I need new candles big time
    I have burned all mine out
    I have never watched idol before this year. My MIL watches so I have been watching along side her on the couch. Maybe I will get hooked and keep watching.
    I do have to say that guy with the stutter last night blew me away. He should sing all the time.
    So glad ya got the boots they will be super cute this Spring too with capris or shorts.
    OMGOSH that dog looks like a meerkat!!! I want him/her!!!
    Have a great one Lynn!!
    Talk soon

  4. Hi Lynn...
    Love the boots & the candle & the chicken soup looks YUMMMMMY!!!
    The weather has been so unusually ARCTIC, that the water in your bird bath didn't melt during the day makes me feel better...that means it's not only arctic here, but there too!! LOL Where is our beautiful sunny Cali weather gone. I know it's January, but already I dream of the sun...
    Hugs & Smiles,

  5. Oh dear me. That dog. Oh dear. Not sure even the mother loved that one. Glad I was born a cat. Would hate to think I'd wake up and see that as my reflection.....

    As for smells....yes isn't it funny how much comfort homemade chicken noodle soup and fresh picked oranged can bring one?! And they wonder why people eat for comfort.....no mystery there.

    As for the pajamas.....purrsonally I don't have that problem. However, "she" does. If you figure this one out please do tell. And oh yeah, I'll warn you this....don't get the really huge XL size because those NEVER shrink. No sense in having way too big and way too small pajamas. One curse is enough don't you think???

    One last thing regarding schedules...."she" was sick and it has thrown "her" way off. As in two weeks off. It's not a pretty picture around here. Let me know if you get that one figured out too.

    In the meantime.....well go eat some chicken noodle soup. But save me a piece of chicken or two, okay?



  6. I can so relate to what you said about trying to get back on schedule and having everything upended. That is EXACTLY how I have felt, not for days or weeks but for months. It all started with the job loss thing and hasn't stopped.


    Need soup.
    However, the last time I made chicken soup, it was because of one of those schedule altering upending days.

    So, no soup for me!

  7. Ever since I stopped working I am on no schedule. Because when I try to have a schedule it never works out. I don't know why. So know I just go with the flow. Those shoes look cute and so does that little doggie.. That face make me smile.
    Wishing you a happy week my friend.

    Hugs, Linda

  8. I Just love the photos!! You have such a good eye :)