Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Fun...Not.

I was going to post about something fun I found on Pinterest-DIY boot socks.
One thing we know about life, though. It interrupts.
I thought about tra-la-laaing past this interruption and just wait until I could post about the socks. Oh, and the canvases Brenna and I have not finished yet...


So instead, I'll show photos  about ice on our birdbath that won't melt during the day.

Which is rather unusual in Southern California.

Then I'll tell you my little interruption today was known as heart palpitations.
Lots of people have them.
They can be caused by a multitude of things:
Medication, dehydration, thyroid, low blood sugar, Menopause (for crying out loud.)
Mine began a couple of weeks ago and have continued off and on and last night they ramped up pretty good and continued throughout the day, so I thought  I might want to get it checked out.

So, I did. 
I'm thankful I have had my flu vaccine, as being in an Urgent Care in the middle of a severe flu season was not my idea of fun. (Everyone else had taken every appointment with a Kaiser doctor in three counties, so I got Urgent Care.) I was very careful to wash my hands and sit by myself. 
My eldest sister suggested I rock back and forth and whimper while holding a bottle of Purell, but I thought that was going a bit far.

I will say when you go into Urgent Care and mention your heart isn't quite acting properly, they will take you back right away. But after the normal EKG, they make you go back out and wait for 2 hours with the rest of the flu community until you are called back again to be told the EKG is normal and have blood work ordered and also a holter monitor that will take three weeks to get.

I got a lot of reading done, however. I do wish I had thought to bring an art journal and some pens, but then I would have wanted to Lysol everything.

Tomorrow is a new day, which means New Mercies.
And another shot at art.
Thank goodness. 


  1. How scary not only the heart issue but the flu infested waiting rooms...ugh Why don't they do like at peds offices and have a sick side and a well side. I had my sars mask on all day today I needed it yesterday in the dr waiting room too.
    I like your sisters idea but then they might have made you wait even longer, lol at least you weren't huffing it like the girl in my er experience ;)
    Lysol, take it every where and just spray around you in your safe zone
    Ugh I am up way too late. Its been a long day I hope you are doing better soon and that they can get on the ball and figure this thing out for you. Don't take a...Mrs Richards there is nothing wrong with you answer, make sure they hear you!

  2. I'm glad you had your flu shot, Lynn! Waiting rooms are bad right now! It's not fun when your heart flips around like that~ my triggers are my thyroid, too much caffeine, and especially dehydration...I am BAD about drinking enough water. I am forcing myself to DRINK WATER. Hope they get the monitor for you soon and you are feeling better!

  3. I am her at the hospital as I am reading this.. Not for me but for my sister, She is having a kidney stone removed.. No fun. So I am hanging out in the waiting room with my laptop. I am hoping I don't get the flu.

    It has been a pretty chilly week here as well. Stay warm my sweet friend.


  4. I can totally relate... I spent New Years morning in an urgent care for exactly the same thing! I had myself all worked up and as I looked around the room I got even more concerned that I would leave with something worse! Mine was thyroid and I'm sure the anxiety attacks that come from menopause, oh good grief is right! So after the post about the flus we have had at our house we had one more round and then my back went out! seriously! I am on a mission of health around here, wish me luck! It all made me have a serious evaluation of all things to do with taking better care of ourselves around here. I thought I was doing a pretty good job before, but now nothing is safe :)
    On a more creative note, with everyone back in school and feeling better, I am able to sit at the table and create some new jewelry, and that feels good! Have a fabulous Sunday... love, t.xoxooxox