Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I thought today I would ramble a little bit about my husband.
He makes me laugh all the time, even more so after 27 years.
For our Christmas gift to each other, we went into Los Angeles and saw Iris, the Cirque Du Soleil show. The next morning, we were having breakfast and my sweet husband said, "Let's go see museums today." How could I decline? He went in search of a paper to see what was going on in town. The only paper he could find was the Beverly Hills Courier, which didn't have much of the goings-on of the museums in L.A., but it had an eye catching ad for an auction at the Beverly Hills Country Club.
"Wanna go?" the husband asked.

If you have ever been in the Beverly Hills area, you know that there are a million and one tour buses whizzing by every three minutes to view the "HOMES OF THE STARS."  I personally have never been on such a tour, but it must be a booming business. I just don't see the fun in whizzing by a house covered in rod iron fencing and high bushes and ooohing and ahhing because it's Tom Cruise's house.

What I do know is fun is that on our way to the auction, when ever a tour bus would drive by, my husband would hide behind the Beverly Hills Courier and pretend he was "somebody." You know, as in a famous somebody who thought they could roam the streets of Beverly Hills undeterred.

I thought I would wet my pants.
He has perfect timing, and each time the tour bus would go by, he would be crossing the street with the paper held in front of his head and I would be watching the people on the open air top part of the bus to see if anyone would whip out their camera and start snapping away.
Sadly, no one did, but we sure had a good time.

The auction? Sheer entertainment in a mind-boggling way.
We watched as persian rugs went for a "song" at $6,000.00 and twenty five karat necklaces were practically given away at $13,000.00!! Boy, I sure missed my chance on that necklace- I couldn't get my auction number up fast enough during the bidding.
yeah, right.....

I put our adventures on Facebook and when we ended up at the Los Angeles  County Museum of Art (LACMA) to see the exhibited entitled, "Levitated Mass", my husband thought it would be fun to continue the mysterious star's adventures. I thought it would be fun as the whole thing of a rock on exhibit was not quite my cup of tea but snapping pictures of a fake star would be more entertaining.

I snapped this photo, making sure to keep the "star's" identity secret, but the best part of the photo is the little girl in pink in the lower right corner.

Stronger than any human, more impressive than any mysterious "star", SHE can hold up the entire rock!

On to the next subject:
Will Work For Justin Bieber Tickets.

We have struck gold, here gang. Pure gold.
Brenna is more motivated than I have ever, ever seen.
Every day she does some form of exercise. Every day we work out her food plan-and she sticks to it and makes really good decisions around food.
Every night she gets a piece of the puzzle and let me tell you what, she LIVES for picking out that  puzzle piece after dinner. 
I am a little worried that she doesn't get the concept of time-that we will be doing this for six months, but I think we will figure out a prize at the end of this first month of filling in the puzzle.

We have found a fun new way to exercise and it is in the form of a giant space with multiple trampolines. I'm going to brave it next time, providing I have some Depends on, if you get my drift...
She had so much fun, but boy, was she beat at the end of an hour!!! 

She motivates us every day, that girl. Between Brenna's fabulous eating habits and my eldest daughter being a vegetarian and home over Christmas break, I have come up with some yummy dinners.
Grilled chicken on top of salad with roasted butternut squash and feta cheese.
Oh, yum...
I love being able to BBQ all year.

And the artwork together?
Slower than I imagined, but we are still working on it.

Hope your weekend is most enjoyable!!!


  1. LOL I swear even our men have the same issues.
    Rudy is always pulling out some crazy thing but people actually stop him all the time asking if he is in a band, lol

    Okay that picture of the rock needs to be entered into a photo contest. It is amazing Lynn!!!
    It really has so much that can be read into it.

    Go Brenna! Those places are kids dreams and you are too funny about the depends :/

    That is one of the good things about living out here, grilling in the middle of winter. I will put that on the positives list about Vegas.
    That makes...uh well one positive.

    Oh you know my weekend plans and I wish I had more energy to do more but soon enough right
    Take care lynn and GO BRENNA!!!

  2. Hi Lynn ~ sounds like you aren't the only funny one in your family! Good for you guys, with the healthy eating and exercise. Working on that here, too. Your salad sounds delicious. Glad to catch up and hear you are doing well.
    Take care,
    xo A

  3. Hearing about your Beverly Hills trip was great...so funny! Love the photos! Believe or not we grill all year, too...not too long ago we were grilling turkey burgers and it was snowing!

  4. Sounds like you are enjoying life.. Lots of great photos. Eating better and getting more exercise is something I really need to work on myself. Wishing you a happy weekend.


  5. Hi friend! So fun to pop over here and get caught up on the happenings in your life! :-)

  6. LOL...Doug is so funny!! What a fun trip you two had...I bet SOMEONE snapped a pic of the man behind the newspaper thinking it might be someone famous!! I probably would have if I'd been on the bus! lol
    Happy New Year Friend!!!