Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friday Ramblings

 Dana Point, California.

I know I have said this before, but I'll say it again.
I love the beach.
Something happens to me when I'm there.
I transform into this person who thinks she can conquer the world.
That happens at home, but less frequently and mostly when I have had a little caffeine.

Really, though, I want to find some of that at home.
Probably, part of it is being away from home and all the responsibilities.
Being at the beach means my biggest question of the day is do I go barefoot or throw on a pair of flip-flops?

My mind is opened to possibilities.
It also helps that I don't have sinus headaches when I'm at the beach.

I know life is different when you are on vacation....
we had a tremendous amount of fun at our first ever family reunion.
We did good.

How can it go wrong when you have seven other friends around to play with all day?

And snuggle with?

this one might be blurry, but it's one of my favorites. this kinda love was evident all week.

nothing says love like birthday kisses.

Every night at sunset, no matter what we were doing, everyone would be shoo-ed outside to marvel at the light. Photos were taken, games were played, skim boards brought out. It was like a whole different day for an hour or so.

Plus, afterward, we knew it was game time! Literally, every night it was Taboo, Spoons, B.S., Uno, or Apples to Apples until midnight. 

By the way, I rock at Spoons. Just say'in.

My question to myself is:
How do you incorporate some of the magic found on vacation into everyday life?

Being present in whatever moment I am in is a good start.

Taking TIME to ponder,

to laugh and enjoy family is always a plus.

I know on vacation, there is endless amounts of time to do these kinds of things, so it's easier to free my mind and think fabulous "what-ifs" and feel like I can do anything!

 When I get home, well, not so much.
Laundry needs to be done, I don't share making dinner with two other families, I wake up to a dog that has barfed on my blanket, school looms in the horizon, dr. appointments are scheduled, my daughter is back in San Diego and my husband is back to work.
I'm always telling myself I "should" be getting more done, and
that darned computer, Iphone or Ipad is always plugged in....

I have coffee in the morning.
I have family.
I have TIME.
I can turn on the hose if I'm that desperate to be around water, or soak in the tub or jump in the pool.
I can walk.
I can ponder.
Take the "shoulds" and toss them out into the trash.

I can remind myself that each day, there is something to be found and cherished, to be explored and amazed by, to reach out to a hand of someone I love.
I can turn off the computer and really, really listen to what's going on in my heart and my head and around my home.

I can  get lost in my artwork, run outside at sunset, invite friends over to play spoons and remind myself that this life right here, right now is good.
Really, really good.

A little bit of vacation, every day, right where I am.

And if all else fails, 
I can always find my way back to the ocean.


  1. I love everything about this post, Lynn...my kind of thinking, too... Lovely photos!

  2. Wonderful post!! I just gave this an award for my favorite random Friday post of them all. I loved how you brought it around to what you can DO to recreate the vacation peace right there at home.

    I loved this part about your vacation:

    "Every night at sunset, no matter what we were doing, everyone would be shoo-ed outside to marvel at the light."

    I think what you expressed later is the doing of that throughout the day.

    I needed to read this right now, and we didn't even take a vacation this year.

  3. such a beautiful thought provoking post, I enjoyed this so much, you hold those memories tight and they will be there for you always, just close your eyes and you are back there!

  4. what a terrific post! I was so caught up in what you were writing, I felt like I was there. It looks like a fabulous time was had by all! I love that you played games. My son and I are playing board games and card games this summer and I just love it. He likes his video games but I think he likes the "old fashioned stuff" better :) LOL! Wonderful Friday post:))) Fran T XO

  5. I love, love this post! It speaks volumes to me. Thanks for sharing it.