Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I am officially in mourning.
It's the last day of summer vacation and school begins on Monday.
Someone please tell me who the knucklehead is that decided on the theme of school beginning in  summer?
What happened to starting after Labor Day?
By September, everyone in our house is good and ready for school. 
August, not so much.

It's the summer mornings I will miss.
Quiet, slow and peaceful. 
A second cup of coffee, pajamas til ten (or so). 
Time to think and reflect.

I'll come around to school days. I always do. One doesn't really have a choice, do they?
But, this year, I would like to do it gracefully.
I would like to take more time to be listening to my heart.
To not feel like I'm being shot out of a cannon every morning.

I'll make little changes.
Set my alarm a little earlier...maybe get a new alarm that plays music instead of the harsh beeping sound. Man, I hate that sound.
Set my coffee the night before.
Before I even get OUT of bed, I'll lay there and give thanks instead of instantly going over the day's to-do list. 

It might be like trying to bend an iron bar, but I'm gonna give it a try.

So, thank you, summer. 
Thank you for the long days, the gentleness of how time flows during your days.
Thank you for the break from schedules, from busyness. 

I'll see you next year.


  1. oh Lynn, I will mourn for you as I still stay in jammies. We have another week before full school starts.
    I am more than ready to start though. Summer can't go fast enough here in the desert. We have made the most of this years summer and it was life changing to embrace rather than complain.
    Make the most of this weekend.

  2. that is early, the children here never go back before Labor Day, thats the first week in September, ( we are in Canada), you sound very prepared though and I like your style, coffee all set, lol, sometimes I think the chilfren are glad to get back to their friends though,

  3. It does seem like the school years are starting earlier than when I was a kid. But that was a long time ago. I changed my hubbies alarm clock so it was nice soothing music and I loved it. I don't know if he liked it so much, but much nicer to wake up to..


  4. I've always loved the mornings of summer break as well, the slowness of them - it just feels good. Here school started last Thursday, so we're already back in the routine. However, I just refuse to see the start of school as the end of summer - there is still so much of summer left and I intend to enjoy it, school or not. My kind of carpe diem.
    Have a good start in the new school year!!! As you say, we always get into it.

  5. I am counting down the days to summer break and those lazy mornings, and the long afternoons in the pool... and Phoebe graduates this year so then we move to the very long university breaks... and no more uniforms so it is all sorts of bonuses in the coming months... but I really don't envy you getting back to the grind of term time... those first few mornings are always tough... but you will jump in with your normal grace and good humour I am sure ... will be thinking of you all week and sending happy wake up vibes your way...xx

  6. I may be late yet again, but I here to stand in complete agreement with you on this! I, too, long for the days when school started after Labor Day.

    I love your resolve and the ideas for setting the stage. The one about changing from the beep alarm is my favorite. Simple changes.

    I hope Miss Brenna has the best year of school ever!