Tuesday, August 27, 2013

heART Coaching Fun

Saturday was our heART Coaching class, and boy, did we dig in and learn and have fun!

prepping for the class at my house.

We met new friends, 

learned about living BIG and facing fears,

Valerie contemplating a technique.

to watch our body language and be able to loosen up a little.

Our gals dug in and tried new techniques and braved putting colors on a blank white page.

So much fun watching others create after one small demo with the Dylusion Ink Sprays!

After some time free-writing in our journals, we explored ways to embellish those words and pages. It's an amazing process to teach and watch unfold.
"You want me to circle words?"
"I can't choose three colors. What if I don't like them?"
Our fears come up in many different forms.
What a privilege to watch a participant try something new and realize it IS possible to do. 
The fears that sit in darkness are lit up like fireworks on the Fourth and takes that darkness away. 
Crazy good.

There is something magical that happens when you talk about fear, write it out and then add color.

Sue giving suggestions for some powerful ways to move towards our destinies.

Your imagination is stretched.

Participants begin looking around and seeing that what others are doing looks like fun and maybe they should try it, too! 
When they start-look out.

Boldness steps in.
Courage takes over.
Laughter starts.

It's stunning to watch the transformation when people play.

We always worry if we are "doing it right" or what others will think of our creations.
But every time I teach this class, I learn as well.
Not one page looked like the page I demonstrated for them. 
It was so cool!
Each one was unique to the person who created it.

Soft colors, bold colors. Tiny words, big, sweeping words.

Kind words tucked within to remind ourselves of what we are capable of.

I've always said a dirty child is a happy child. It means they have played and played, and PLAYED.
I think the same applies to adults around an art table.

A big mess means F.U.N.
Dye on your hands for the rest of the day just reminds you of time well spent.

THANK YOU to the women who came and braved those blank pages, who were courageous enough to share with others, and who were so enjoyable to learn from.
We can't wait to do it again.


  1. WOW this looks like so much fun.
    What a great therapy session. It speaks volumes for women to get together and open up, share, and not feel pressure but feel relief that no one is there to judge you or your art. This is amazing Lynn.
    I hope one day to be able to come and play and leave a bit dirty ;)

  2. Lynn,
    This looks like my kind of class. I bet this was your invention. Just sounds like you. Maybe you should take it on the road! Come to St. Paul!

  3. This looks so wonderful, and I wish you would fly it here. It's not that I'm even creative or artistic in any way with the blank page, but I should could use the courage.

    (And don't tell me to fly to California... What part of I'm a 'fraidy cat did you miss from the above statement?)

  4. OH I LOVE this, Lynn...this class sounds so wonderful...generous, loving, accepting, creative, empowering, sharing, and FUN!! It makes me feel happy just reading about it...XO