Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mid Week Check In....

Thank you all so, SO much for the birthday wishes for Brenna. We all had a blast celebrating her this weekend. The big sister came down with her room mate for the event, and we made a weekend out of it. I loved every minute.

My desk is still a mess, which I am taking as a good sign. Otherwise, it would be clean and that means no fun is being created. All though, it has been very slow for me art-wise.

I would, however, love to introduce you to our new video that showcases the heART Coaching Class that I am doing with my friend, Sue.
Drum roll, please........
Here is our new video, courtesy of the highly talented Andrew Norbeck, for our heART Coaching Class.
It's a doozy and we are so proud of it!!!
Take a minute to watch:

We are officially on Face Book...click HERE to like us and leave a comment! We will have different journal prompts to work on and various art journaling ideas. 
Man, I wish I could travel to each one of you and do classes in your area. What a blast we would have.

We could do fun stuff like this together:

 Until that dream happens, we are hosting them here, actually at my house. Come join us, or spread the word!


  1. What a lovely photo of your family! Have you ever thought of e-classes for those of us SO far away? The video looks like you are all having such a good time!

  2. That's great about your new class! I plan to make time this fall for art journaling!
    And belated bday wishes Brenba!

  3. Brenna...autocorrect is weird...

  4. You all look so happy in your photos. So glad to hear Brenna had a happy B-day. I am off to check the video..


  5. I'm so irked that I missed the big birthday. We went out of town on Friday, and I have not gotten my groove back yet. Such is my life.

    I left her a belated wish, but that just doesn't count, does it?

    I need to click the link to the heART coaching thing to see what it's all about.