Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Know There Is A Desk In Here.

This is where my creative mojo has gone over the last few days.
I think it had something to do with the state of my desk and art room:

Horrific, yes?

It gets worse.....

I will confess that it took the better part of three days to do this.
But, I also took apart two bulletin boards and hung two items on the walls. 
I'm just trying to make this process look good.

that long white panel leaning up against the drawers? found it at Goodwill and I'm going to repurpose it!

I had been sharing this process via texting with my friend, Amy, and her best response was, "OH! I can see the table!" That made it all worthwhile. No, really, it did! I loooove being told I did a good job.

By today, after organizing so much and getting everything ready for Brenna's first day of school, I thought I would go nuts if I didn't create just SOMETHING. 
Plus, my table was too clean.
I was in a snarky mood to boot, so I groused the whole time I began this little class project that I am taking from Rachelle over at http://www.arteyecandy.com/ and wouldn't you know it? 
The snarkiness began to lift, and I began getting ideas, and getting excited, and thinking..and...
then I had to go get a cavity filled.

ten dollar "Candy Bites" class

But my new birdie makes me smile.

The ideas are still in my head, and tomorrow is another day.
New day. New mercies.
Thank goodness.

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  1. Doesn't feel so good to get organized again?
    It frees us in so many ways.
    I am so glad to hear that you let your troubles go and your mood changed when sitting down to create.
    That is what it is all about. YAY!!!

    Since so much time was spent redoing the studio I force myself to clean up after every session so I can come back to a welcoming space...just like I do in the kitchen, I can't stand to walk into a kitchen with dishes waiting to be done.

    Hope you find that time today to get back to what you love and let your craft soar!