Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Today, I'd like to invite you to celebrate with me.

It's someone's birthday around here....
Not mine.
Someone very, very special.

It's this cutie-pie's 19th birthday:

Yep. Miss Brenna will officially be 19 as of Sunday.
August 11....what a day in the history of my/our life.

It rocked my world. Turned me upside down. Left me hanging in doubt and fear, angry as all get out with God. Not just angry, but hurt and feeling utterly alone and abandoned.

What a fool I was.

I weep as I write this, looking at her face. I am astounded at the depth of life I have experienced since she came into our world.
I wasn't abandoned. I was wrapped up in loving-kindness that day. I just couldn't see it. Thank God my eyes have been opened every single day since then. 
Every day, whether they are hard or fabulous.

I won't lie-it's been a helluva road for our family.
This particular road has knitted us together in ways we never would imagined. This road has caused us to trust. To laugh. To see joy that not everyone sees. 

There have been stops for weeping, for crying out in prayer, for huge frustrations, counseling, banging our heads against the wall, and begging for understanding.
I liken these to rest stops. 
Ultimately, rest stops are necessary. 
Especially if you need to stop and change a tire.
 Or a life perspective.
Afterwards, it's easier to continue traveling down the road.

I begin to enjoy the ride and realize the beauty that's going by my window:
Unconditional love.
Stretching myself for the good.
Seeing others how they really are.

Taking time to treasure these moments is something I want to work on all of my life.

To work on giving thanks.
 Every day.

It's not something to be taken lightly, the lessons my daughter (oh, the joy I take in saying this...my daughter!) has taught me. No, huh-uh. I am humbled at the thought of learning from her.
I hope I do her justice.

Happy Birthday, sweetest girl.
Thank you for giving us all an amazing reason to celebrate life.


  1. What a beautiful perspective ! Congrats to you all.

  2. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday to sweet Brenna..


  3. Happy birthday to Brenna. She is a beautiful young woman. May she be blessed on her special day.

    xo Danielle

  4. This post was amazing. Brought tears to my eyes. God is faithful. Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday Brenna!

  5. What a beautiful post from you Lynn! Happy birthday to your sweet girl.


  6. I missed it!! I went out of town on Friday and have been whirling ever since I got back.

    Will she take a belated birthday wish?? I would contact J.B. to deliver it if I had any clout at all.