Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Time Lapse Peak Into Getting Ready For An Art Show

This week let's take a peek into getting ready for an art show.
Not that anyone should do it this way, but but this is how it goes for my crazy life right now.

Day 1: Demolish a home with 18 amazing friends and family members.

Day 2: Toss your calendar schedule, and dive into the mess. Embrace it really good, cause you will be here for a while. While embracing, free up one arm to throw everything else into a pile to be done at the bookends of the day. Mat the prints at night, run to the printer's during karate, tell yourself you will get to Michael's for the two mats you don't have before Saturday. If not, oh well. Have fun checking off your list when you conquer Michael's.
Key word: embrace.

Here's the time lapse I tried today. No. I do not have professional equipment and my tripod was balancing my phone between a jar of gel medium and a jar of mod podge.
Remember-I'm Embracing The Mess.

This is the rough finish:

Day 3: Pick up your order for frames and realize they are all the wrong size.
Day 4: Put plan EMT (embrace the mess) into action and create anyway. Open the order of prints and wonder if they will fit the frames you finally found. (As of writing this post, they don't. Of course.) Think about it later and start calling yourself Scarlett. 
Now order new prints and pick them up tomorrow and save the other prints for the second show.
Add purchase new frames to your list for the next show. 

Day 5: I won't try and figure out why the same weekend of the show my husband is on call, I have a baby shower and a wedding to attend and I get a text from Brenna's teacher saying Brenna wants to participate in the 5k run on Sunday for which the permission slip has to be turned in NOW. Oh, by the way, she has to be there by 6:30 am. By now, my arms are permanently wrapped around me from embracing so much that I might as well have on a straight jacket. 

I tell the teacher to have Brenna call me cause I will take the fall for the big N-O that is coming her way.

Day 6: (or thereabouts) As well as embracing messes, I begin to embrace giving thanks, having fun, breathing and going to bed to fall asleep HARD.  I'll check back after the weekend.

Give yourself a hug.

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  1. Wonderful birds and paintings!

    Hope things become a little saner soon.

  2. Phew Lynn, that's one humongous hug!
    I think I need to lie down after reading this. How on earth did you manage to create so beautifully with all that going on.
    I think we should just call you SuperWoman!
    Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your weekend. Good luck with everything.
    Happy PPF to you

  3. enjoyed your post Lynn, gave me a few laughs... good luck with your show

  4. Lovely art, lovely birds.
    Happy PPF xx

  5. Yep big hugs from me too! Wow that was exhausting just reading about your life let alone living it!! Gorgeous art and video..good job. Hope it all goes smoothly for you here on out! You certainly deserve it! Hope Brenna wasn't too hard on you!!Glad you set a boundary...as women we never do that enough!

    Hugs Giggles