Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"All art requires courage."

As, promised, I would like to show you some projects I have worked on. I have to admit, I always feel a little shy showing people what I have made. Not only are there the usual thoughts of, "will they like it?" but I have so much emotion in each piece I create! 

For instance, I started the small art journal to try my hand at inchies and memorize scripture. I hate memorizing things-I can't even remember what I wore yesterday. The process was amazing. I looked up definitions of say, rest: "relief or freedom especially from anything that wearies troubles or disturbs." Then I would search for pictures from different places to describe words. Do I recall the scripture? No. But I have something beautiful to look back on and remind me of the time I spent creating it.

Then the journal began to take on it's own path. (No surprise there!) I heard a song by Nicole Nordeman called Gratitude during a time when a friend's child was going through some enormous medical struggles, and this page came of reading about their situation.

With this entry, I was going through a time of learning to ask for help, which is something I'm not very good at. The quote is from a book I read by Alice Hoffman. (Great author!) It says, "The real problem is that the strategy she previously used to get through her life is being blown to pieces bit by bit, minute by minute." I love how someone can craft a sentence that cuts straight to the problem and defines it so well.

I am thinking I will post the rest later, something to look forward to doing and to collect my thoughts around the photos a little more. I have someone asking me to do shrinkie-dinks, her friend yelling down the stairs while the dog is barking and chasing both of them, one trying to sleep (hahahahaHA), and dinner to get to!!

Have a great day!

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