Monday, August 17, 2009

Five Days and Counting...

Five days and counting until my husband and I take our eldest to college for the first time. Ever. I vacillate between thinking, "Oh, this will be fine-I'll be just fine." to thinking I am going to barf. Thank heavens she is only 2hrs. away. In San Diego. On the beach. Not bad...My husband says we have a new time share. It's a dorm room in San Diego! You would think the accommodations would be a little nicer for the price tag, but the view sure is killer!!

I do believe (one of ) the hardest parts of my daughter leaving will be watching her say good-bye to her younger sister. I know, I know, she will be home on weekends, holidays, etc. My mom recalls my oldest sister going to college and she said it seemed like my sister was home more than she was away! Oh, but these two....I wish you could see them together. When they were younger, they definitely had their times of disagreement and differences, but there is a sweetness to their relationship now that only the two of them share. They might be light years apart as far as knowledge, abilities, etc. but don't let that fool you. There is a connection that just isn't definable. It will be the every-day-ness of seeing each other that will be sorely missed. So, we have plans: ichat, a notebook to be mailed back and forth, and I have no problem in taking my youngest out of school for the day to go and visit her big sister!

I know by God's grace, we will all weather through this monumental change. My child will grow into the adult she should become. She will have incredible life experiences during these next four years. So much fun and excitement ahead, don't you think?! Ah, but the growing up and away part.....well, she knows we are always here, ready and available.

Even though she will need our direction less and less, we are a family forever. Those ties will never be broken, and there is a road that will always lead to home.

O.K. I'm done being sad. (I'm telling you, my emotions are all over the place!!) Here are the exciting parts about where she will be. Did I mention the killer view?? The school is literally right on the coast. This view is right outside the cafeteria:

Do you all remember doing laundry on your own for the first time? I remember when I washed a permanent black marker with all my clothes one time. Boy, was I shocked when I went to put the load in the dryer! Oh, my the things she will experience: classes, laundry, new friends, a job on campus, new points of view... the possibilities are endless!

So, my sweet daughter, God's blessings upon you. May you grow in Him and follow the path He has before you. May you find joy and grace to meet what comes your way. Spread your wings and fly. I love you.


  1. What a lovely and sweet post. I can't help but be a little wistful. Those days of starting anew, going to a new place. I know she must be terribly excited. You will find a routine that fits you all. Yes, your family dynamics might change a bit, but they will grow richer, I'm sure. And what a lovely idea of sending the note book back and forth. I can just see it, all jammed with artwork, bits and pieces of fun things and loads of love. :D And thanks for leaving such a sweet comment over at my place! We will have to "chat" somemore!
    yapping cat

  2. Oh, stop yer cryin'. Just barf. It's quicker, your eyes don't get puffy and BAM! you're back to bakin' cookies.

    Just kidding. Trying to make you laugh between your tears, ya big baby.
    Oh, there i go again, ruining what was a beautiful post.

    Now, about ALL of those weekends home.......we need to talk.

    I love you!! jan

  3. I finally caught up on August, and I got tears in my eyes with this one! Wow.