Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey, all!! It is Monday, isn't it??! Groceries, phone calls, catching up, etc. We moved Lauren into college over the weekend and I am proud to say she is thriving all ready and we are adjusting. AND everything fit into the dorm room. Good grief, those rooms are small.

Here is some fun news!!!!! Go over to my new friend, Jan's blog: thepolkadotbarn.blogspot.com... It's the best place, ever! And, she is doing a give away for HER birthday-how crazy fun is that?! She is super fun and creative and has a great sense of humor. What else do you need for an A+ blog???

Let's see, in honor of Halloween, I will switch to orange type. Halloween??? Yep, I am going to the Sweet and Sinister swap with Kari Ramstrom at artsymama.blogspot.com
She is one talented lady!! It looks like so much fun. I am starting a list of what I can put together and send to my partner....banners, dominoes,candy, the list could be endless!!

Sign-ups open until Sept. 1st

I also have a list a mile long going on of what I would like to be working on...I'm thinking that will happen after Brenna goes back to school!!! So much to try and do!!
What's on your list to create??
Have a fabulous Monday!

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  1. Jan's blog doesn't work ... please post a link. TY TTFN ~ Marydon