Monday, August 24, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today I began my day by taking pictures of what was actually growing in my yard. Not much in August out here, let me tell you!! But here is what I came up with:

I cut several gardenias and they are in my kitchen, smelling so heavenly! Then I saw just a few roses from Brenna's bush. (Each girl has a rose bush we planted when they were born. Brenna's is yellow, Lauren's is pink.)

Then, just some Daliahs in a small pot. They are so faithful to come back up every year. It's like greeting an old friend!

I decided to cut the hydrangeas, in hopes that they might bloom again. They were looking a little sad on the bush this year. I don't know, maybe because the PUPPY kept digging a hole right by it's roots? Sigh. Anyway, they look great in an urn in the house. Usually I like to let them turn from pink to green and then wait until Sept. to cut them as they tend to turn the most beautiful mauve. Maybe next year, when the puppy isn't so much a puppy!

What grows in your garden during the end of summer??
Have a great day!

p.s. here's a look at the puppy. He is the one on the right. I know, how could something so cute be so destructive. HA!


  1. The flowers are gorgeous. He looks like a little stinker ... guilty!, I declare. Chuckle. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Thanks for dropping by Lynn!
    I must reciperocate by saying I'm mad for your flowers! Also I had to scroll down and read a bunch...altered dominoes...who knew? Very pretty!
    What grows in my garden now is winter squash, two pumpkins and a few mums. We've had a cool summer for Ohio, and I've also got vines of green tomatoes that should have been red forever ago. Oh well, to the window sill we go!

  3. Hi Lynn! Your flowers are so pretty. August is a rough month for my garden here in the desert! Come Oct/November though it's going to look fabulous!
    In answer to your question. Yes, I do ask permission to take photo's. Many are cool with it. Some are not. There were a couple of vendors at the flea market that did not want me taking pictures. Mostly I think because they didn't want anyone stealing their pillow designs (which is understandable)

    My Desert Cottage