Monday, May 24, 2010


We interrupt this broadcast about the beach and it's healing qualities due to a strong dose of 

It seems my sweet daughter has brought home not only all her worldly belongings, but the plague as well. She is barking like a seal, my husband has lost his voice and sleeps sitting up in the chair in the family room. Brenna has succumbed and is busy gagging and choking her way through a stuffy nose. I seem to do fine until the afternoon and then I begin to ache and feel like my fingers will fall off. 

On top of it all, we woke up Sunday morning thinking we had moved to Kansas.

Hail. On a beach towel. That was left by the pool on a much nicer day. Like two days ago!

Add to that thunder, lightening, and rain all day...

and you have some very, very confused Southern Californians!!!

I think Brenna and I will go put our heads down for a couple of days.


  1. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry for them not feeling well. I hope health will stay your way my friend. It's awful when taking care of all their needs depletes your energy.

    I wish some of that hail, thunder and lightning made it to our little corner of So. Cal.. That's weird.. I know we're not that far from each other. xoxo

    Hey.. I was just asked to go out to Pont Loma to review a restaurant on the harbor.. When does Lauren go back to school. It would be a fun date to meet you and Doug out there for dinner! I know you probably don't want to be thinking about sending her back so soon after she just got home though. :) xoxo

  2. Oh NOooo, the plague? I'm so sorry to hear everyone is under the weather. Speaking of the weather, we are having unseasonably warm (mid-80's) temps here in Michigan. I'll try to send some blue skies your way.
    Feel better my friend,

  3. Well, I guess when it rains, it pours.... or hails in your case.

    Hope you ALL feel better soon!

  4. Awwww honey, I'm so sorry. Yes, I would think that naps and plenty of hot tea and lemon are in order! I hope all of you begin to feel better...never fun to have this kind of stuff when its warm. ugh. And wow, weird weather everywhere. Hmmmmm. Glad it was smaller size rather than bigger!

    yapping cat

  5. So sorry you all are under the weather... pamper yourselves and get some rest! Feel better soon!

  6. I love the way you write! You ARE the Erma Bombeck of the boomers. Yikes to all of what you wrote about. Hail and the plague...kinda one in the same, huh. And funny, I've kinda been hacking a little today, myself. I think it might be going around at work. Or is it just the weather...that we are all so freaking sick of!! Love you and get better. Barking seals are cute but not good company :-)

  7. I realy hope that you will feel better soon. I wish there was a way of sending you some of our honey that does wonders. Do what you have to do, mom, and get back to us soon!

  8. Hope everyone is feeling much much better very soon.
    We have something going around in Virginia too (either that or its allergies) stuffed head and rotten cough ... ask me how I know!
    Would you believe we had hail too last week or so ... it must really look out of place at the beach!
    You all take good care!

  9. Hopefully no frogs or locusts will rain down on you next! Hopefully you will all rally soon and get back to that beach!

  10. I repeat----I hope you are feeling much better soon!

    Fingers falling off??

    Now that is really, really strange. I don't think I've heard of that symptom before!!! We can't have that---you have too many dominoes to make before Newport Beach!!!!

  11. And all this is paradise? I was about ready to move to your town!

    I am at Mayo with brother, John, and it looks like he is still in remission from Stage Four Esophageal Cancer. Honestly, there are miracles. I am exhausted and have gained about five pounds from eating sugar to cope with the stress!