Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She Sells Seashells

Thank you all so much for all your blog love and good wishes!!! You all really know how to make a person's day. Miss B is still home, hacking away, but the rest of us are up and out. I still get the achey thing in the afternoon, but that could just be my weird immune system.

Let's get back to the beach, shall we?

The promise of summer....

Warm sand on your toes,

beauty all around.

The healing power of the water,



life and balance.

I could spend hours looking at shells.

Well, I have, actually!

There is nothing quite like it. Walking in the sand with your head down, the sun warm on your back. Your eye catches something and bending down, you catch the shell in your hand before the water takes it back. Covered in sand, you wait for the water to return and wash it off, letting the water go through your hands and the beauty of the shell shines back at you.

Sometimes you gently put it back, to let it go back into it's purpose of becoming a home or a part of the huge eco system to which it belongs.

Other times, you keep it as a treasure. A memory of a sun-kissed day full of laughter, waves, sand and happiness everywhere. Mmmmmm....can you smell the Coppertone?

Have a great day and thanks again for all your care!


  1. It looks like I'm the first to visit and say how glad I am that you all are feeling better. Hopefully Brenna isn't far behind. Thanks for taking us with you to visit the ocean, it is truly inspiring.
    Take care,

  2. Incredible shots, Lynn! Do you take in exchange students from Minnesota? (I will be on the next plane!)


  3. I agree that those shots were wonderful! You made me feel as if I could reach out and pick one myself. Shells are just so pretty to me.

    Hope you ALL continue to recover!

  4. Beautiful pics; thanks for the moment of Zen :-)

  5. Hope you are all doing better, Lynn...two of my kids have the crud now, too...seems to be everywhere!

  6. I'm sure I would be lugging all of those goodies on the shore home in my sand pail...............