Thursday, September 30, 2010

Keeping Cool

Here is a fun way to keep cool-
Bathing a horse.
It was at least 100 when Brenna had her lesson on Tuesday, so we opted for a "bathing lesson."

Uhhhh. No. The horse, silly!

That's better.
We love this horse. Splash will let you do just about anything. As long as she gets to go back in her stall, she's o.k.

We like bath time 'cause there is lots of water involved.
The best part is spraying the horse.
Next comes the scrubbing.

and scrubbing.

Whew! Who knew a horse was so big?

And had so many places to scrub??

Next comes the "strange" part: squee-gee-ing off the water.
Nice job, Brenna!
Like I said, Splash doesn't mind.
She just likes to pretend there is something in her mouth that she can chew.

Chew and scrub, chew and scrub.


and chew...

Well, you get the idea.
Thanks for a fun day, Colleen!!


  1. I'll bet Splash really appreciated the nice cool bath! Great photos!

  2. What another wonderful post. I just love popping in and seeing what you guys are up to.. These are the best pictures. I loveed watching splash get her bath.. Brenna did a great job... Try to stay cool.
    It is suppose to cool off a little next week.. I am keeping my fingers crossed..

    Hugs, Linda

  3. OK, I'm just enough of a freak to think, "My goodness, he has nice teeth!"

    Now, that's a very creative way to cool off. Too bad you weren't wearing a bikini.

    Um, you weren't, right?

  4. What great photos. Looks like they both had a great time! Brenna did a great job. How funny that you squeegee him off.

  5. Brenna,
    I am glad you like horses. There is a saying that goes. "There is nothing better of the inside of a girl, than the outside of a horse".

  6. Thanks for stopping by HomeHinges.com. This post about washing a horse is great. Definitely something I've never done but it actually looks kind of fun, especially on a hot summer day. Oh wait, today is October 1. Wait a second. What temperature did you say it was again? Crazy!! Love the site.
    April @ HomeHinges.com

  7. I'm not sure who had more fun Brenna, the horse or mom taking pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time.

    And those horse smiling pictures are sooooo cute!

  8. I used to take my horse to the self-serve car wash.


    She loved it.

    We did get some pretty strange looks though.......