Friday, September 24, 2010

More Baking

Quick!!! Turn on the oven before it hits 107!!!!!!!!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It is supposed to get that hot next week.
Brenna and I got smart and baked before the heat sets in and  WITHOUT having to turn on the air conditioning!!
I don't know why the kick for baking lately. Maybe because it's SUPPOSED to be fall. Plus, it's just fun to do together. I wish there were cookbooks with big, easy to read words and numbers. And step by step pictures. With recipes for items other than pizza.
When I have Brenna read a recipe, she honestly can't see it, so she just has to trust me that I'm telling her to put in is the correct amount! 
Oooh. That would be another wish. I would make measuring spoons and cups with big, bold letters and numbers. I can barely make out what it says.....

This week we made Lemon Pound Cake.
It's very easy to make, and is delicious!

Sometimes I will put a glaze made out of powdered sugar and lemon juice and add pomegranate seeds on top. This time I left it plain and will add frozen, thawed berries.

Or not. Plain with a good cup of coffee is yummy as well!

I do have to send out a BIG THANK YOU for all your laughs and encouragement over my crazy 24 hours. You never cease to brighten my day. From great ideas like giving the gin to the dog to what goes in must come out, well...let's just say I felt justified in taking pictures of wet, soggy toilet paper and posting said pictures on the blog. You all totally relate!!!!
That said, shall I tell you that the next day, the  garage door broke for the 3rd time??
I'll just have another piece of cake.


  1. Do I see Party Girl eyeing your cake? LOL Although, I can't really blame her, it looks YUMMY!

    I know what you mean about the size of print, etc. My dad has been legally blind since he was a teen and somethings are just more difficult than they really need to be. Here's to making the world a little easier for everyone.


  2. I love that last photo, Lynn~ it's almost like she's winking at us!

  3. A piece of cake makes everything seem better.

  4. Looks like a great recipe and another fun day baking with Brenna. Just looked at our extended forecast and only in the 80's next week for south GA--can't wait. Maybe your weather will cool off too.

  5. Lynn,
    I am just stunned. I knew that Arizona had hot weather but are you also having this miserable weather? That cake looks sooo yummy! I think you are the best cools around. You always make such different things!
    Mmmm. You are making me hungry!!!

  6. Thank God it rained today in Athens, although I'm still in my sun dress and flip flips. A friend of mine called me from Myconos where he swims every day! Speaking of baking....I don't want to walk in my kitchen for the next 2 weeks, I've had it! Your cake, though, looks VERY good and I might bake it tomorrow for my gang because I have baked a mountain of cookies, but I don't have any for me! Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm going to check out that recipe...IF YOU PROMISE it's easy.

    Pound cake is such a southern staple, and I can't seem to pass Pound Cake 101 with a high enough grade to bring it when asked.


    I TOTALLY agree about the large print utensils. Seriously, it would be a big seller.

  8. This is my kind of cake, gal. I really don't care for regular cakes. They are just too sweet for me! I have never made one of these. Sounds DELISH!!
    Sorry to hear of all your little, shall we say ...mishaps! And about your 107 heat that is to come! UGH!
    Praying that you stay cool, and that you a granted a reprieve!!

  9. Don't like the sound of that heat, Lynn, but your cake looks delicious!I just made applesauce...wonder how that would taste with your pound cake??

    Party Girl looks like she's ready to get into more mischief...LOL!

  10. I heard something about making french toast out of left over pound cake......

    Sounds good, but who ever has left over pound cake????