Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Creative Spaces Party

Hi friends,
Vacation is going well. We are spending lots of down time with the kids and spending so much time laughing-it's great. One night we were going to play the game, "Would You Rather?" and ended up just reading the questions far into the night, laughing until the tears came. If you have never played it, the questions read something like this:
"Would you rather have underarm hair that you are unable to cut, and it grows very long, or would you rather have thighs that flap together when you walk?"
Well. Underarm hair was MY choice. Is there another choice??!

I wanted to tell you about something fun coming up this week.
 I'm going to try and participate in a "sharing of your creative spaces" with Karen at


I'm supposed to post this cool poster on a side bar, but I haven't gotten the hang of sidebars yet, so that's why it's at the top!

Anyway, visit Karen's website on July 24 and she will have links on her sidebar for all who are participating and you can see lots of cool places where people create! 

Now, just need to post pics of my place!
Have a great day~Lynn

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