Friday, July 17, 2009

Miss B

Well, today I thought I would share a little about the family. I will start with our Miss B.  (Just 'cause I have pictures of her loaded on my new laptop and no one else!) She is a firecracker, born to us 15 yrs. ago this August. She came "wrapped in a little different packaging" as my sister so aptly put it. Her different packaging is Down Syndrome.

She continually amazes us with her love of life, friendships, (EVERYone knows B!) talents and abilities.  She loves her school, her friends, the dogs, her sister, swimming, the beach and room service at any hotel.  She will also belt out any song from High School Musical word for word. 

She has been through thyroid problems, open heart surgery, more blood draws than should be allowed, scoliosis, and numerous other maladies with bravery and strength beyond anything I could ever conjure up.

This summer has been particularly sweet as she is able to participate in some different activities on her own. She went to a new friend's house for the afternoon, participated in a two week art camp and realized she is an artist and has found a love for art! She went to Camp Paivika (a camp for special needs kids in our local mountains) which is not new for her, but Brenna did things there that were new for her. We have been practicing social skills by sending her out with a dear friend to buy a smoothie, and purchase personal items at Target, practice crossing the street and to generally become more independent. She has found out she likes Iced Green Tea from Starbucks and tells me she likes my iced carmel coffee.

Brenna has a terrific sense of humor, prays like a warrior and works with the babies at the nursery every Sunday at our church.

Because of her life, we have started a special needs ministry for kids at our church, founded a parent's support group, began a special education center at our private school for kids k-8, and her dad and sister and I participated in a 3,000 mile race on bikes from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD to raise funds for the school. (Her dad rode the bike with a team of 8 and Brenna's sister and I drove the R.V's and the follow vehicles. We did NOT, I repeat NOT ride a bike for 3,000 miles).

 I tell you what, this girl's life has touched so many others and we have met the most amazing people because of her.

Thanks for letting me share about sweet Brenna! Here are a couple of pictures:Here she is meeting Scott and Sam, the D.J.'s from our favorite radio station, KSGN. Brenna is on the far right. The other kids are dear friends of ours.

This one says it all about how tired she was after getting home from five days at camp. She fell sound asleep on the floor amid the laundry explosion. She NEVER voluntarily falls asleep in the middle of the day unless she is in the car!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Our school does a Target trip with the kids every year. Target closes their doors to the public for a day and all the schools with a special ed program participate.. I love it!! :) I can't wait to meat B! I can't wait for Kristen to meat her too.. :)

  2. I am so happy to finally see some photos of brenna! I am glad she had a great time at camp. Loving the new blog lynn!
    xoxo, Tiffany