Monday, July 19, 2010

Art Saves & Half the Sky

{a sidewalk display from my shop, Lambs & Ivy Boutique, this weekend}
Hi Sweet Friends,
I'm so honored to be here writing a guest post for my dear friend Lynn, while her & her hubby escape to the sea in celebration of their wedding anniversary!
By the way...I'm Susie from vintagesusie & wings .
I thought I might share with you something I recently was so moved by & wanted so much in my own way to contribute to.
My cause:

Half the Sky is a Foundation that offers the love and concern of family for thousands of orphaned children in China who have lost theirs. They provide individual nurturing and stimulation for babies, innovative preschools that encourage an early love of learning, personalized learning opportunities for older children & love, but most importantly, a permanent foster home for children whose special needs will keep them from being adopted.

The thought of orphans anywhere in the world is so heart breaking to me, but in China the majority of these orphans are girls, as they are simply not valued as much as boys are in the Chinese culture.

Unimaginable, right...but real.
So, when I found out that in celebration of International Children's Day they were having an Art-A-Thon to raise funds for their children, I couldn't wait to sign up & join in this creative & heartfelt opportunity to give! 
Now, I believe that Art Saves !
Many of you already know who Jenny Doh is. She worked as the chief editor for all the Stampington Publications . You know the ones. The amazing, creative & beautiful magazines like Artful Blogger, Somerset Life & Belle Amoire Jewelry...the ones we all dream of one day being published in.
Well, she now is the Editor-in-Chief of a fabulous on-line community,
Crescendoh which inspires the theory that Art Saves!
This is my chance to prove this to be true!
Half the Sky Foundation
The Art-A-Thon started June 1st & goes through August 31st.
You can click on any of the links to find out more & maybe consider creating your own piece of art for the cause. If you are interested in sponsoring me, click here to go to my pledge page.
 Remember Friends...
"every child, no matter how humble her beginnings, deserves loving care, and a chance at a bright future."

Thank you friends for allowing me to share & thank you Lynn for the pleasure of doing a guest post on your amazing blog. Have a fabulous week...Smiles,


  1. Susie,
    What a wonderful organization! I am going to go check out the possibilities!

  2. Susie, thanks for being my sister this week :-) Wonderful post, worth checking out, to be sure. Much love, your older sister..LOL.