Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Again

I am happy to report that all went well while Doug and I were away. No police were called, no kitchen fires had to be put out, no windows broken...
The laundry even got done!!!! Are my girls amazing, or what?
Also, many thanks to my sweet friend, Susie for posting while I was away. You are the best!!

Doug and I had an amazing time. Great weather, fantastic beaches, even better food!
I won't bore you with vacation pictures, but I will tell you a story from out trip.
This is the Napali coastline.

It is wild and beautiful. There is great snorkeling out in these waters. Doug won a ticket for a boat ride, so we antied up for the second ticket and set sail early one morning.

I don't get sea sick, so this was super fun. Crashing through waves on a Catamaran is a blast! It was a windy and wild ride. The swells were at least 4-5 feet. Throw in a rogue 10-footer and you have yourself a heck of a lot of fun.
As I said, there is great snorkeling out here. When they moored the boat out in the middle of nowhere, Doug and I jumped off with all our gear (and me in a floaty-vest, I'm not THAT wild) into the sea to see what we could see. 
Fish, rocks, coral, bubbles...
Bubbles? Pretty, but I had no idea what they were from.
The wild girl that I am, I decided we were too far from the boat at one point, so I swam back.
Here's where it gets fun.
Does anyone know what these are?

I'll give you a hint:
They look like pretty, floating bubbles underwater.
Better known as Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. Never found off the Napali coastline. Nope. Well, maybe only when the tide winds are so crazy.
Is the picture getting clearer?

This critters have tentacles that are up to 30 feet long. These said tentacles like to wrap themselves around arms and lay across backs.
The guide on the boat said that the best way to treat it was to put vinegar on it, which he couldn't find. Then the other guide offered to pee on it for me. Yes, he was kidding. Well, actually he said growing up on the island they got stung all the time and that's just what they would do. I was ready for him to do it 'cause it hurt like CRAZY, but they found some topical ointment for me first.

The bad new is, it HURT, I didn't eat lunch on the boat and I was too afraid to snorkel for the rest of the week.
The good news is that it was just on one arm, it only hurt through that night and I didn't have the mad, crazy itching like everyone said I would. 
Until I got home and woke up at 4:30 a.m. only to see my crazy little welts return all over my arm, itching like mad. Guess my allergy medicine wore off a little early today.
But, hey, I got this post done!!!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your encounter with nature! Looks like everything else went just fine though!

  2. Aloha!!

    Or maybe it's: Oh NO Ha!!!

    I was so afraid that was where the story was going. OUCH. I saw an episode of friends where they mention that tried and true first aid trick...

    If you do feel like sharing, I would love to vicariously experience Hawaii through your pictures. Glad you're back and glad you had (with one exception) a good time.

    Your girls rock. They did you proud.

  3. Oh Friend!!!!
    Why, why, why???
    I would have just, absolutely, without a doubt, totally...freaked out!!!
    Did you cry? I know I would have. I was stung by a bee on the tip of my tongue on a camping trip {it had gotten into my coke can} & thought I was GOING TO DIE!
    So the idea of this is horrifing!! You are a strong girl to even have survived it...not kidding!
    I had a delightful time with your Mommy & Susie yesterday, they were both so sweet. Ask Carol what I wrote her about feeling like family now.
    So happy you had such a fabulous getaway & can't wait for you to come up & play.
    Big Hugs,

  4. Oh, Lynn,
    I have always been scared of jellyfish and I have heard their stings are very painful. Hope you can get some relief!

    Your girls are adorable. I loved their post!!!


  5. Well, my boss grew up in Hawaii and those jellys are common as are the stings...as are the 2 cures that were mentioned. Hmmm, I wondered to myself...is 25 years long enough to be married to allow THAT kind of help?? If it hurt enough you would have let anyone 'help out.' I got a good laugh and then went on to the next topic...life is so freakin' fragile. Just when I think you're having fun, you get stung. Big bummer. Glad you survived and had a much tamer cure and really sorry that it's come back. Is it too late for vinegar?

  6. Oh Lynn~ I would have been totally freaked out by that sting...you sounded pretty brave just swimming out there! Hope you are feeling better now!

  7. Lynn,
    What is the blog guidebook? When I hit it, I just get a page that says it can't be found.

  8. Lynne,
    I will check on a letter. Maybe we can swap.

    Form letter here,,,We just hit 100 followers on Etsy and you were one of the first.We are going to have a drawing on Monday to thank all of our followers and give away a special gift box of things that the winner would like . We will be drawing on Monday and, of course, you will be included!

    Just wanted you to know...Thank you!

    Kat and Suz

  9. your gorgeous coastline photos look like a Hollywood set ... you ARE a wild woman ;) ... so sorry you met a man o war up close and personal ... gosh you'll never forget that encounter I'm sure ... hoping the pain and discomfort are a distant memory now ... it IS quite a story to tell ... who would think that a creature that beautiful could be so lethal!
    p.s. I adore travel pics ... next best thing to going there myself!