Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friday Ramblings

I usually ramble about my youngest, or ridiculous things I notice over the week.
Today, I'm rambling about my eldest. 

all photos courtesy of my sister, Carol Shobert.

This girl is at the end of her college adventure. Four years have flown by. 
This last week we celebrated by hosting the reception for her Senior Art Show.

What has happened to the last four years? Truly, I blinked and they passed by. My girl has grown as a person, an artist, a friend, a daughter, a sister. She has blossomed and stretched her wings in ways I never imagined. She has worked hard, had fun, and loved these years. Well, with exception of finals weeks. 

Everything she has learned and worked toward culminated this week in her show.
It was....spectacular.

Hours and HOURS of hard work, thought and planning, her life pouring into her art.

What an amazing time to be able to join her in encouraging her to the very end, and then celebrating over the beauty she created out of different elements: wire. wood. wax. string. Each piece heavy with meaning of intercession, life, finding our way and letting go and releasing.

How do I explain four years of life that really has been twenty-two years poured into these pieces?
In each piece and watching her complete her gallery work, I see the ever determined young toddler, then little girl with the vivid imagination. 

Through this work there is the beauty of the young lady who has been to distant lands, and ever wanting to see more.

I turn around and I'm reminded of the girl who would laugh and play, wonder and ponder, trying to figure out different parts of life. She is there, in each piece.

And I weep at the wonder of it all, and with the knowledge that she is flying, destined for more.


  1. Awwww. So Heartfelt. I was hoping you would expand on your comment the other day. I am so happy for her.... and the wonderful Momma you are that you encouraged her and marveled in her. "You weep at the wonder of it all". So happy for you too! {{Love}}

  2. Beautiful! She is flying because you nurtured her and then with faith and trust pushed her out of the nest hoping she could fly.....the hardest thing we mothers have to do but so rewarding.

  3. Very lovely of you to share such an intimate feeling..thx for that, june

  4. OH what a lovely post...such an accomplishment! Lauren is talented and lovely, and has an adventuresome spirit! I know you must be so proud! I always say...you've been so blessed with your girls!

  5. First of all, she is adorable (and she smiles like you!) Talented girl - I could read the love in your post.

  6. Hi Lynn,
    Congrats to you both! How wonderful to see your daughter reach this point and what a sense of accomplishment for you both!!! It appears that you two will have a common interest that you can share for a lifetime. How sweet.
    Our daughter has one more year to go to finish her nursing degree at WSU. It will be four yrs of v hard work, but so worth it.
    Take care and enjoy this beautiful moment with your beautiful gal!
    xo ~ A
    P.S. yes, please send us some of your nice weather. I'll even take it C.O.D.

  7. How exciting.. She is such a beautiful girl and so talented. I wish her all the best. Love that photo of the two of you.