Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday ramblings

Monday, I started getting fearful that all my symptoms are in my head. Wow. Really? I must have some kind of power to raise my ANA level and cause palpitations and effusions by conjuring it all up in my head. I think after that, I took my husband's advice from a card he gave me and took a short nap.
Otherwise, it was spent having Brenna's eyes dilated and picking out new frames for her new prescription since her near-sightedness was slightly worse.

He also hung this in my art room so I wouldn't miss it. What do you think he is trying to say?

Dear man in the doctor's waiting room. (Today was dermatology) Please. Please turn off your phone. We can hear your ring tone down to the first floor. The high noon cowboy shoot off song is a little out of style. Oh. By the way. You are in a waiting room and even if you move away a few feet we can hear every word you say because you are shouting. (Which is something most people do on a cell phone-why IS that?) That said, I hope you and Danny have everything worked out.

Still Tuesday.
Benefits to oversleeping : more sleep. Otherwise it's not worth it. I'm still tired and the last thing I wanted at the dermatologists this morning was sleep lines on my face. At least I'm not wearing my paint clothes but I ran out the door so fast I neglected to see the hole in my sweater on the sleeve. It's  like when I was in fifth grade and I walked I to class with my new hair cut courtesy of my mom. I kinda thought something was off but she had me convinced that crooked bangs were a new style and that style was called The Ragamuffin. 
I realized it was hopeless when the boy I had a HIGE crush on took one look at me and asked if a lawn mower ate my bangs.

 I walked around all day Tuesday wondering if someone would tell me it looked like a lawn mower ate my sweater. I would have told them no it was a new style. See how fashion forward I am? It's called the Ragamuffin style.
Otherwise, I have to keep saying this to myself:

Maybe it should say, "Having a hole in your sweater guarantees adventures."

Forget it. Let's talk about shoes. While having my blood drawn last week, my husband commented on how many tubes the phlebotomist pulled out to fill. She laughed and said I  must be having "issues"  to which my husban replied," Issues? I think I would rather she have new shoes." Really? 

I took him up on it and got some new shoes. Which by the way are ALWAYS better than issues. Plus my new shoes counter balance my ragamuffin style that I am now rocking. I'm hoping people look at my cute new shoes instead of the hole in my sweater. See? It all works out in the end.


Wait. I do rock  the ragamuffin style. See?? Hospital gown + new shoes = cute. Really. I promise. No? Oh well. It's worth a try.
Yes, it is S.T.I.L.L. Tuesday.
By far, one of the longest days this week.

Ways to entertain yourself while waiting for doctor:
Write your blog.
Take photos.
Listen to people's conversations on their phone. Maybe it might be fun to stand right next to them while they are shouting and just watch.
 Wish I had thought of that sooner.
Catch up on all the magazines., beginning with the march 2009 issue of O. Then you might want to  work your way through princess Kate's pregnancy (again) and make sure you didn't miss any details. July 2011 was a good year, right?  Better Homes and Garden ideas for summer drinks might be a little more applicable than Kate's pregnancy right about now.

When you are finally finished at the doctor's, it's good to get a treat. Since they don't give out lollipops or stickers for adults, you have to go find your own treat. Which is necessary when the dermatologist is waving his can of liquid nitrogen around like it's air freshener. Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't hurt when they spray that stuff. Hence the great need for a treat.

Unfortunately, I opted for the tiny bag and not the big bag of real jelly beans. These just didn't cut it, but the sugar kind of met my needs for the moment. 

Good grief. It is STILL Tuesday.
Let's end the day with Brenna coming down with a cold and to really top it off in spectacular fashion, realize she ate cake during school AND pizza at youth group after she had all ready eaten dinner.
Which means I had two choices.
Take away the  Justin Bieber puzzle piece for the day that she had all ready put up and risk a major meltdown for about an hour or, at my husband's suggestion, wait until Wednesday. 

Brenna and I talked about her Justin Bieber puzzle piece for the day and agreed it was a "let's try and do better on the food choice front" kind of a day. Plus, she earned it back and everyone was happy. I can feel the week winding down in a good way.

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. Thursday actually felt like a vacation day. Brenna is officially on Spring Break, my eldest is coming home, Brenna and I watched movies and went to the dog park and goofed off today. It's so sweet.

Good Friday.
Precursor to resurrection, to glory.
A day to remember, to stop and pause, to reflect. 
Even in the midst of family coming in, Easter preparations, an art show to get ready for.
Especially in the midst of fear and anxiety.

Have a beautiful Easter, my friends!


  1. I love your posts so much, I truly do, its just like a visit over a cup of tea!

  2. You have a gift to write an upbeat take on hard things. Your hubby is sweet to find and hang up that nap card so you will see it. That is good to treat yourself to new shoes and jelly beans. Have a Blessed Easter.

  3. New shoes and jelly beans---powerful stuff to help a gal get by ;)
    Happy Easter to you Lynn

  4. I just love returning to your posts... I mean, how sick am I get that I get a chuckle out of your dilemmas?! But what a gift to be able to write them with such a witty sense of humor! Cell phones and manners.. why can't the two exist together? Clueless. Doctor's visits that take way too long to get in to see them and yet they don't even entertain us with current magazines? And I will add to my long list of reasons to consume sugar in gargantuan quantities, "doctor's visits", "blood drawn", and any type of skin treatment. Thanks for that, Lynn!! Have a joyous Easter and I'll be back soon!

  5. You do keep your sense of humor, Lynn! Sometimes it's either laugh or cry...I choose laugh as often as possible. Doctor visits and tests can be stressful...hope they get to the bottom of that ANA for you. XO, my friend! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  6. Your post has me smiling once again. I know all to well about that happy can of liquid nitrogen. No fun at all. But its better than getting the knife. I know all about that as well. I had to smile when you told the story of your mom cutting your bangs. It brought me back to High school when I cut my own bangs. You think I would have been old enough to know better. Lets just say I cut them so short that I begged my mom to let me stay home. Didn't happen. That was one of the most embarrassing moment of my life. What the heck was I thinking cutting my own bangs..

    Happy Easter my friend.


  7. Dear sweet friend, I'm sitting here reading through post after post after post and catching up on your life and realizing that it has been a shamefully long time since I've last visited you here! While there are lots of new happenings in your life, challenges and joys, the one constant is always your beautiful spirit and sense of humor which comes through with every word. :-) I'm praying for your health situation and trusting God right along with you!