Saturday, June 5, 2010

Collage Confusion

Good grief. I think Southern California forgot Spring.
It's been 96-100 degrees the last two days!!

I truly haven't gotten much done in the way of art. I started an online collage class through Julie Prichard.  We have backgrounds for 3 collages and I have just finished one. It began like this:

Which I liked. Old sheet music, pages from old books, Ration Stamps that my Mom gave me. (I made copies of those.)
Step two:

Not liking the color so much, but there are to be a couple of more steps and it will change.

Next stage is to add another layer of ephemera. This is where I really got stumped. I have never started a collage without a plan in my mind. But in this class, you make several backgrounds and add as the class goes along. Nothing particularly planned. No quote to work around, no photo to inspire me, just layers.

Why did I pick these images? Well...to be honest, I brought the project along on our weekend in Laguna and I just used what I had. I do love birds and these came from a children's book.
It was a very different experience not being so connected to a piece or not having a need to pour something out  from within onto paper.

Last step:

So, while I'm not thrilled with this piece (the colors, the confusion of the process), I do like the word Freedom across the birdcage and the quote from the book that says, "But I can tell you that the next morning, the whole town was different." It gives it a quirkiness to it and leaves your imagination free to think what it wants. 

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Lynn "you" may not be thrilled with the results, but I love the color scheme. :)

  2. i love this! i have never really started without a theme either...but you sure pulled it off with a great outcome! show us more!

  3. I really love the materials that you used and the way it came together! The use of the torn pages from the old children's book is my favorite part, but you had me from the start with the use of the sheet music.

    I just like the whole thing, color and all.

  4. Actually Lynn, I really like the colors (I'm loving blues and oranges lately) as well as the overall balance of it. It's really very good. But I know how you feel about the process. At least you are creating!

  5. Oh my, the ups and downs artists go through!! No wonder I don't creat, though if I had your talent, I might be doing more...yes, I said TALENT! I love the collage and the colors. I think it's GREAT! I can hardly wait to see the next step...maybe in person???

  6. how did my post get named addison? did the grandson change my settings???? sigh...well, it was me your sister Carol

  7. This looks lovely, Lynn~ and it will give you techniques and inspiration for future projects!

  8. It looks so nice! Great work!
    The one I have from you has finally reached its final destination! I still have it wrapped, though, because we need to paint the room...pictures will be sent I promise!

  9. REally pretty! I love the birdcage image you used!
    It's been really hot here, too. And we get the humidity along with it..ugh :)
    Have a fabulous evening!

  10. I tried to comment last night, but Blogger wasn't available??


    Excellent work, Mz. Lynn!

    LOVE the big E in FreEdom....

    And the quote.


  11. Well, I see now that my {almost the same...} comment from last night did make it through...

    There was a big deal across the screen saying Blogger wasn't available.....


    I'm sure I wasn't dreaming....

    At least I don't think I was.