Sunday, June 27, 2010

Create (kre'at)

I do believe the creative juices are flowing again!!

And it feels GREAT!

After looking at some of the "Where Bloggers Create" sites, I saw one that had a sweet "Escape" banner over her door and thought it sounded like a good idea to make one.
Can I recall which site? Nooooo. Forgive me if it's YOU and leave me a comment so I can link everyone back to YOU!

The word "Escape" sounded like a fabulous theme.

Being summer and all...

Plus, I hung it over the door of my "art room".

Now, that's a great place to escape!

It's a simple banner.
 Seeing as how I haven't created in a while, I wanted to make sure I got it finished.

Lauren told me it reminds her of the part in Finding Nemo where he says the word escape as, "es-cah-pay".
Anyone remember that?

Anyway, it beckons me to my room. To run away for a bit and lose myself in creating.

Today, where will you "es-cah-pay??"


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I like the es-ca-pay theme too. I wish that I had an escape room in my house.

  2. That's lovely!
    I just love Dori!

  3. I Love your banner friend & yes...
    I DO WANT TO ESCAPE right now!
    I have too much on my little plate & feel a little overwhelmed by all of it.
    I'm on my way to take my Dad back home in Laguna Hills & all I'd really like to do is saty home & play on the computer. Oh well, maybe another day.
    Keep on creating, I love your style friend!

  4. Oh, Lynn,
    I just LOVE it! You have such an incredible style...just free and exciting and fun...just you!!!
    I am so glad you got your creativity back!!! Now we all can enjoy!

  5. Oh, Lynn.

    I would love, love, love to es-ca-pay to just about anywhere.


    Love the banner!

    Looks perfect for your creating room.

    So SoCal!

  6. Ah, that's the word I've been looking for to describe your talent: you have such a great STYLE!! I love the banner. LOVE it! Was wondering what had happened to you :-) Good to see you back on your blog and back to creating. Wooo Hooo!! Love you!

  7. Oh I love it, Lynn...wonderful images and beautiful colors!!

  8. Always great to get the creative juices flowing, it always feels great to create. Love the banner, too cute!