Saturday, June 12, 2010


Brenna's words as she went to bed the night of her Eighth grade commencement:
"I feel bigger, Mom."

I would tend to agree.

She knows a milestone has been reached.

That change is coming.

But with love and support from people like Grandmothers,

Aunties and cousins,

teachers and staff,

and amazing friends, we know we will get through the years with grace and hope.

Your gracious and kind comments are worth more than gold, my friends. They will be kept in my heart.
Now. On to SUMMER!!!!
Much love,


  1. Wonderful photos, Lynn! Brenna looks so happy and what a nice group of friends and family!

  2. So proud of your daughter! YOu have a lovely blog and it's wonderful to meet you!

  3. Beautiful pictures, such warm faces, so much happiness. Proud angel child! I wish you all health, health, and health!

  4. Congrats Brenna...you are bigger now!!! Oh, Lynn it looks like such a wonderful event filled with so much pride & joy & love!!!
    Big Hugs Friend,
    I think we can be on for Friday, my Dad is doing so much better! Today is his 1st day in 5 weeks of being alone, we'll see how it goes.

  5. I know that I'm not the only one who can see the love in those pictures! I leaps out from every one of them. What a blessing to be so surrounded.

    BTW,I made it a point to look, and I was so delighted that she wore her festive sparkly shoes. I have shown them to my Converse gal, and she gives them the two thumbs up too.

    What a great daughter! Wonderful days lie ahead, Mom.

  6. WooHoo!!! Way to go, Brenna!!!

    Yes, I also noticed the fine footwear.

    This is one thing that I always look for in graduation photos.

    One of my wonderful wooden clogs {remember those???} came off just as I went up to cross the ramp to receive my high school diploma, so I am well acquainted with what type of shoes one should wear with one's gown...........

  7. it was such a great day! I loved watching Brenna sitting with her class mates, listening to the speeches and stories. There were times when she was genuinely having fun. Go B!! Go Mom and Dad!

  8. Lynn,
    Come and see my new header. I love it!!!

  9. Such a precious post for this big milestone ... your graduate looks so cute and beaming with joy
    Brightest of Blessing Always!