Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sweet Babies

Even though I am in a total and complete art slump, I do have something way cool to show you.

Remember the Momma hummingbird I posted about?

Well, the babies are out!!!! I can't believe we got these photos!!

There are actually THREE of them stuffed in this little, bity nest.

Can you tell? Three beaks. And some feathers.

They have some growing to do. Can you see how short their beaks are, compared to Mom's?
She works so, so hard each day. I wonder what it is like in that nest when it's this stinking hot outside? Truly, this is like mid-summer heat we are having right now. It was 81 degrees at 9 a.m. today!!

So, I guess I'll go do something to get ready for the ART SHOW Wendy and I are participating in. This Saturday. Right. Four days away. Saturday.
Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Don't you know that people can die from that much sweetness! Good luck with your show on Saturday.

  2. Beautiful!

    Lynn, go check out my new blog header by Susie!!! I love it.

    Good luck Saturday!

  3. My goodness, those babies are crammed in there like sardines!

    And not looking very comfy to me.

    Especially at those temps. eeeeeee!

    I am on pins and needles to hear how your show goes! You will rock Newport Beach!!!

    Don't forget to take photos!!!

    My big {huge} garage sale is this weekend, too....wish ME luck......

  4. SO cute! Have fun at your sale...watch the bathroom door LOL!

  5. As soon as I saw this on my dashboard I knew (OK, hoped) you had little hummers to show. I have never seen a baby humming bird. So tiny!!

    I understand the slump. It's this steeeeenkin' summer heat I tell ya. Feel free to remind me that I said that when I blame my January slump on the cold.

    Now, stop bird watching and get crafting.

  6. Thank you, thank you for your comments! Good, good luck. Let's talk about about jewelry and collage after your show.
    Love you!

  7. Oh MY, your photos are absolutely amazing!
    I have never been so close to a hummingbird nest ... ever!
    You certainly do have a charmed view of nature at its finest ... thank you so much for sharing the pics.
    I am wondering what sounds the babies make ... you know how most baby birds get all chirpy and crazy when they sense mom or dad are near with the food! The only sound that comes to mind with hummers is whirring ;)

  8. Oh I LOVE the hummingbirds & your awesome camera. You get the best shots friend!!!
    I hope your Sat festival is super successful, at the shop I can tell people are coming out a bit more & freeing up their wallets instead of holding on so tightly. It's summer & people are finally wanting to shop & buy!!! Yeah....
    Are you & Carol coming by the shop Friday? I would love to see you!