Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Newport Beach Art Fair

Newport Beach Art Foundation
Annual Art Fair
Do's and Don'ts

Do bling out your Mah Jong tiles. It helps when a gal from a Mah Jong league sees them and really likes them!

Don't go haywire in front of a customer when they purchase a collage.

Do make new friends.

This is Gladys and she is from Cuba. We love her. We really want her to be our grandma. 

Nobody cussed at us at the bathroom this time, so I didn't have to hunt anyone down and threaten to wash their mouth out with soap.

When you ask your amazing daughter to help set up and she has to get up at 6 a.m. to drive to the art fair with you,
DO get her Starbucks on the way out.

Do back away from the table and let your creative daughter set up all the goodies.

Short and sweet today, as we were actually busy and I didn't have hours to fill just taking pictures. 
Thank goodness!!


  1. Yea, I'm first in line! Sounds like the art fair was a great success. I'm so happy for you. Looks like you had a blast too; the cherry on top!

  2. Awesome, Lynn! Sounds like a FUN and successful day! Cute pics of you and your daughter!

  3. It certainly is ok to go haywire when someone buys something!

    What collage did they buy??

    Everything looks great!

    May I borrow the creative daughter to set up my booth for the Autumn Boutique??

    Only one problem....I don't think they have Starbucks in Slayton, MN......

  4. How do I love places like this! I could spend a whooole day shopping, meeting people, chating, having coffee, making new friends. What a wonderful day, my artist friend!

  5. I thought Starbucks is everywhere.
    Thanks for posting the pics as I really wish I could have been there. Lauren can put this on her resume!Glad you finally found your niche market...summer, coastal, money :-) Sounds about right!

  6. I would totally freak out if I sold something like that! Wonderful!

  7. DEFINITELY let the daughter set up the table. She has the eye for presentation. It looks great, and she deserves a VENTI for it.

    Was it that recent collage that you sold? I loved that.

    I'm so glad you had a fruitful and fun day!

  8. Lynn,
    I am thrilled to hear your were busy...and sold a collage/es.

    You and you girls are so darn cite.

    Pain tonight...more soon!!


  9. Hey Lynn...

    How are you girly?

    Are you talking about the Blog Post I did (tutorial) on printing on fabric that you self treat?

    Let me know if this is what you are talking about. I have since found my SENSES and now purchase fabric sheets in the bulk. I got tired of the mess and stress of doing doing the fabric myself even though it was much cheaper.

    LMKnow, OK?

    Love to to you~


  10. You are too, too funny. Loved the description of your day. The art/craft shows I do are all in the Fall so I never get to be outside. (Wait, outside in Pittsburgh...too unpredictable!) Your daughter did a great job with the table display and I love how you used vintage baskets and boxes for display. It is exciting when someone likes your art enough to part with some $$.

  11. Your daughter is adorable. I miss having mine nearby!