Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art and the lack thereof

This week, my hubby is on a much needed outing, Brenna has art camp, (which she loves and tickles me to no end!) we have a totaled car and are looking for a new one (no one hurt), which is what happens when a Mustang rear ends a Ford Explorer's tow hitch. My mom's house is just about ready to close escrow, we have been to the dentist, gotten hair cuts, I have bloodwork to do and company coming for the weekend. Do you notice how everything is crossed off my list except sketchbook and blog?
And I wonder why.
There is always Thursday and Friday, right?

Hope your week is sweet!


  1. Hi Lynn, you managed to write a post today, even whilst very busy. You are an inspiration.

  2. Life sounds busy, Lynn! Hope the weekend is fun!

  3. The good news is that you weren't hurt in the accident. (And I guess it's also that you weren't sketching in the middle of the trailer hitch incident.)

    Or maybe you were.

    In either case, I'm glad you are OK and I hope you get some time just to sit down and create for LYNN.