Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I Learned At Brave Girls Camp

This girl is back and BRAVE.
I am catching up on sleep, enjoying my family and soaking into my very soul all the things I have learned...
How do I even begin to describe the three days spent in Idaho at the BRAVE GIRLS CAMP?

I'll start with photos:

We were met by lovely Amy and given tote bags, then we boarded the new bus and headed out to the ranch.

We arrived (very excited) at the ranch and when we began getting off of the bus, we saw Melody and Kathy and the staff walking across the grass to greet us. It was like being on Extreme Home Makeover. And yes, I began to cry.
I had also been up since 4 a.m. to catch an early flight, so it kinda explains why...

Hugs all around from each and every one of the staff. The staff at camp is beyond wonderful. I am always in the responsibility mode, and to say that their care and serving toward us was over the top would be an understatement.

To begin our journey, we walked in silence down a wooded path that had beautiful messages tucked all through out the filtered light.

To see these messages was astounding, to say the least. The messages were for us. The messages were MEANT for us, and each word was written as true.

Ahh, the ranch. It's exquisite. Nothing is left untouched by a beautiful mark. Whether it is from paint, or a pillow, or something growing, it is to be there to bring beauty and a spirit of rest and restoration.

I can honestly say I wasn't sure what to expect at camp. Lots of art, I suppose. Fortunately, Brave Girls Camp went beyond any expectations. We were given curriculum to get our souls and hearts in order to be able to unleash the ability to believe in what we, as individuals want to do or feel called to do.

And while there really was lots (and lots) of art, there was soul searching....and the cementing of new friendships....heart-felt talking...being able to really, really take the time to think and ponder....

time to soak up TRUTH....and think about where it will take me...

...and just how far I want to go.

Each one of us knew without a doubt we would come home changed.

Changed and ready to be gentle with ourselves. Ready to love ourselves, believe ourselves and the truths about US. 

Because if we don't, then how do we reach out to others?

I know I have some beautiful women that have my back now. They come from all over. Canada, Hawaii, Louisiana, 

Courtney, the best room mate. ever.

We have loved and encouraged one another to become those people we see. The women we have lost sight of. The girls we never really did get to see and cherish.

Lisa and Tracey.

our hosts..

I know more camps are opening up, so if you have the chance, grab it. Go.
If not, take the on-line Soul Restoration courses. But DO them. Put the time and the energy into them. You won't be disappointed.

I'll be working on more of the artwork through the curriculum in the upcoming days, and I can't wait to share it with you.


  1. Beautiful blog Lynn! I love your photos :) Miss you brave girl!

  2. Oh Lynn you are so so lucky to have gone!! It is a huge dream of mine to attend their camp. I felt like I could cry reading your post and seeing your beautiful photos.

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  4. Oh Brave Girl, this sounds like a beautiful experience in preparation for helping others; when our bucket is full we have lots to give.

  5. WOW. Just lovin' this!! The pictures are fabulous, too. I can't wait to hear more about it from you.

  6. It's one of the things on my bucket list! Sounds like everything I imagined it to be.

  7. Beautiful Lynn! You express yourself so well! Love ya.

  8. Lynn
    I was so excited to hear about Brave Girls Camp! I'm sure and experience of a lifetime!! Thank you so very much for sharing the gifts your heart & soul recieved!


  9. Lynn, I saw the blog posts and pictures on Brave Girls site and spotted you in the crowd. You are one lucky lady! I'm scheduled for Brave Girls camp this October, but I signed up last year before Melody bought the ranch, so I won't be at the same location. I'm sad about that but knowing Kathy and Melody I'm sure they will make it just as special. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  10. dear lynn ~ how lovely it is to "meet" you!! + love it in the after glow of brave girls! your photos + story are so moving...
    welcome home to you w/lovexox

  11. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.. I would love to go someday. Your post is so inspiring. Make me want to go even more. I love your photos..


  12. This looks like such a worthwhile and special time, Lynn! Thank you for sharing it!