Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lots Of Fun Going On In Blog World

Hi friends!
There are a couple of really fun events going on this summer in blog world, that I thought I would share with you.

The first one is over at Kat Sloma's blog. It is the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap for the summer of 2012. Is that a great title, or what?
So. Much. Fun.

You take photographs of your art, or just photos and have them made into postcards. Then you send your postcards to Kat, who then divides all of them and sends them to people around the world-as in LIBERATING your ART!!!

These are what I received last year:

I had them hanging from my kitchen window for months. They make great conversation starters!

Next up on the party scene is Where Bloggers Create, over at Karen Valentine's blog.
It's a GIANT gathering of bloggers that are given the chance to share their creative space. Big or small, professional or part-time to anything in between, you can link up to the party and share photos (on your blog) of your creative space and visit a ton of other's gorgeous spaces. You will make new friends as well as be inspired. The party date is set for July 14.

A party like this makes me think I would like to spruce up my space. This is in NO WAY required, it just gives me a good excuse to clean....

Hope your week is sweet!


  1. The postcards look wonderful.

    I think I remember that party from last year or one like it. Back then, I decided that I really needed to spruce up my space.

    Still haven't done it.
    Just thought I would confess.

    And guess what else? Guess whose husband's territory will no longer include Atlanta in September when the sketch pads come? We are really, really unhappy about that for a variety of reasons. I hope I can still get there to see them.

    Insert sad and pouty face here.

  2. Hi Lynn
    The photo postcard swap sounds like such fun. And I had no idea about the blog party in July. Thank you so much for always keeping us updated with the coolest stuff. Have a great weekend


  3. Oh I have wanted to do the Where Bloggers Create...so much going on around here all the time, that I just haven't finished that space...one step forward, two steps back...

  4. I remember lots of bloggers doing the postcard swap last year.. So much wonderful art..