Saturday, June 30, 2012

A New Party With Lots of Color

I have found lots of great linky parties through my blogging friend, Linda. She is a fabulous photographer, crafts woman and artist. Her colors are always soothing and it just makes you happy to look at her creations.
The newest party I've found is called The Summer of Color.
Each week's theme is based on a flavor of ice cream.

This week is "Baseball Nut." The description of this flavor is:
"A smooth, vanilla flavored ice cream swirled with a black raspberry ribbon and loaded with cashews"
-Baskin Robbins

This is from one of my art journals and I had a blast with the vivid colors.


I think mine has a little lemon added as well, but the pink says raspberry to me....
I take no responsibility what so ever as to how much ice cream you consume after looking at the blogs linked to this party. But if it's hot where you live, you have a good excuse!
I'm still not eating dairy, so I'm trying my hardest to pretend that Mango Sorbet is just as good.
You can stop laughing now.

Happy Sunday to everyone!


  1. yum makes me crave rainbow sherbert
    Its about the only style of ice cream I can stand :)


  2. Wonderful page for your art journal - lovely quote too.

    See you next week at SOC!

  3. Looks like a great page and perfect colors for the challenge.....thanks for the visit.

  4. Beautiful as always. Makes me want to go find dessert...

  5. SO happy to have you here! Thank you for joining in the SOC and sharing your beautiful art with us all, Kristin xo!

  6. That is really lovely! Really nice colours!!

  7. Lynn, I just love the colors. They remind me of sherbert:) THanks for sharing the link! Have a great day! FranT xo

  8. So I guess I need to fess up that I read your last part TWICE before I realized that you didn't write:

    "I'm still not eating the diary."

    I'm blaming the Georgia heat.
    Better go get a bowl of breakfast ice ream.

  9. Thanks so much for you kind words. I feel so honored. Love you page. looks so yummy!


  10. I love seeing your creations, Lynn...and the vivid colors really are wonderful!