Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Sometimes bathroom breaks are a really good idea.
ESPECIALLY when you stop in the middle of a little town called Rainbow.
Just when you think there is no gas station, you stumble upon the gas station, and then realize there is a fruit stand and then your realize your dreams have come true and there is an Antique store with everything half off. 

I wish I owned a truck. But it's probably good that I don't...otherwise, this iron work would have come home with me and Doug would have said, "what are you going to do with it?" I really wouldn't have had an answer.

But I do have an answer for the window-less frames. They will be part of my display booth for my next sale. AND my sister wanted some, which explains why there are so many in my garage right now.

Thank goodness for technology. I texted my sister and asked if she wanted one of these wonderful dress forms. Ummm, 'cause you know, I don't need two and what if she didn't want one when I came home, I'd have to have TWO and that would be a shame. Not.

 Brenna and I had our first official pajama day. 
Like a real one. ALL day. I did get dressed by 4:00, as the guy came to give us an estimate for painting the inside of our house. I didn't think answering the door at 4 p.m. in my P.J.'s was such a good thing. Brenna, on the other hand, could have cared less. Lucky girl.

I have never been to Las Vegas. Call me crazy...
The one time I finally do  get there, it's only for a layover in the airport. It's a rather strange airport and it has interesting things in the restroom. 

Yes, I took photos with my phone of things in the restroom.
I don't really think anyone thought this was strange.
The photo above was part of a cigarette ash holder. I'm curious as to what cigarettes have to do with it being time to fly. Is it that they had to put out the cigarettes before they got on the plane?  Maybe that it's time to fly when one partakes of a cigarette?

I couldn't help taking this photo. It was colored into the back of the door in the bathroom stall that I used. I thought it was so original.
I hope they at least had a good time.
Oh, never mind.

Have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Iphone photos for the week:
and yes, Brenna was playing with my phone again, taking pictures of Mr. Bieber from a notebook she purchased....


  1. Fun stuff Lynn! Have a great weekend.

  2. I can't believe you never been to Vegas. I have lived here for 37 year. I have been ready to leave for almost as long.. Way to hot here.

    I love pajama days. When my Husband gets home from work and I am still in my PJ's. He always gives me the look. The one that says you did not stay in your PJ's all day. And I give him the look right back that says.. YES I DID!!

    HOpe you enjoy your weekend.


  3. I'm inspired...I totally want to have a pj day now, and eat cereal all day too. If it would just rain...