Friday, August 20, 2010

End of Summer

It is getting down to the wire around here.
My least favorite time of the year.
The end of summer.
The end of lazy days. Of sleeping in (a little). The end of trying to make large decisions such as, should we go to the beach today or just hang by the pool?

The end of hitting Starbucks with my girls on a daily basis. Watching funny movies together. Endless supplies of library books. Coloring and puzzles all over the floor for days. Bike rides on summer nights to get yogurt. Playing cards. Eating outside with the twinkle lights.
The end of a long day at the beach and no one wanting to leave yet.
Sandcastles, sand crabs and iced tea.
The smell of freshly dried beach towels.

Staying in a bathing suit all day.
The beach chairs off of their hooks and always at the ready.
Crickets and shooting stars. Splashing into cool water on a hot, hot day.
The smell of suntan lotion.
The end of not wearing a watch. Or make up. Or doing my hair.
The end of the four of us being together as a family, day in and day out.

Now it's time for packing up the eldest and sending her back to school on Saturday.
Wondering how she is adjusting, missing her laughter, her presence.

Brenna will begin High School on Monday. I had to throw out her old back pack. It was purple.
I don't clean stuff out really well the last day of school. I tend to chuck it in the closet and then panic two days before school begins that I haven't cleaned stuff out for the following year.
This year I found a peeled orange in a baggie and an old cereal bar. 
And some unidentified stain on the front.
Thank goodness she got a new, cool bag for school from her Auntie Carol. Brenna likes it alot.

Wish me luck through all these transitions. I don't tend to take them well and usually I'm pretty sad for a while. 
I think I'll keep my watch off for just a couple more days....


  1. I'll bet I'm a lot happier to see the end of summer than you are Lynn! Thanks for the perspective, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Thanks Lynn for stopping by my blog. Henry, our springer, is funny guy. We got him when he was just over one but he came into our lives at a great time.

    Sending your kids off to college can be so hard. Mine stayed there all summer so I didn't get to see him. :(

  3. I love the way you spend your summer...I miss my "american summers"...I used to have lots of fun with my cousins. I also miss the preparations for the new school year, going to the mall to buy the new stuff...new clothes...everything new. I loved the falling leaves in Brooklyn.

    My darling, good luck with your girls...we'll all go through this together. We're only a blog away!

    Our schools start around the 15th of Sept.

  4. Lynn,
    I love your family! You are so loving and caring and have such a wonderful time together. I am the first one to say that family life is not always perfect (though I love mine, too) but I just love the way you do things together.

    I will be here for you during the fall transitions. So many changes again! It is so hard and I don't do them well either.

    Big hugs, dear friend!

  5. Oh, I still remember how I dreaded this time of year when I was little! I hated the return of school, as I would much rather stay home and be free to play outside on our farm, ride my bike, or play with my dolls! Hope things go well for you and your girls as they return to school!

  6. I can so relate. I always hated the end of summer when my girls were young. My older daughter is now married. (Thankfully she lives around the corner). I moved the younger daughter back to college last weekend and I'm still not over it.
    Sometimes it's tough being mom. Hope you adjust in the days ahead and I hope Brenna loves high school.

  7. change is not something I can always jump on board with ... I do get there eventually ... be gentle with yourself ... everything you're feeling (and expressed so beautifully) is exactly where you're supposed to be right now (saying that loud enough for me to hear too)
    BIG hugs to you all the way from VA
    p.s. impossible to day exactly what is in my hear dear Lynn

  8. Your summer sounds exactly what a summer is supposed to be, Lynn! I remember those days from when my kids were younger..they are priceless memories. I also know what you mean about the touch of sadness, something I always experienced at the beginning of the school year when my house was no longer filled with cheery young people all day.

    Soon we'll be into all things Fall, and making more plans..life always has wonderful new things to throw at us!

    So glad you liked my shadow pictures..thanks for stopping by...:)